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Rob VanElven
Amateur photographer, professional dad, art director, love chili, wine, hats and the outdoors.
Amateur photographer, professional dad, art director, love chili, wine, hats and the outdoors.
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Nice post from Matt Kloskowski showing the images we all need to make, to get to the great ones.

When A Landscape Photo Shoot Goes Bad

Yesterday I posted some of my favorite photos from a recent trip. I got a lot of great comments on them (thanks so much!). Well, figuring that I can't end on a high note, I thought I'd take it a step further. 

Today I thought I'd post some photos from the trip that didn't make the cut. As I think you’ll see, so much of landscape and outdoor photography is just about being there at the right time and place with the right weather. You can be in a really beautiful place and, if the conditions don’t cooperate, take some really bad photos. Heck, as you’ll see here… you can be in a really beautiful place, with really great weather, and still take some bad photos 

• Here's the link for today's post:

• And here's the link to yesterday's if you haven't seen it yet:

Link to video: Annie Leibovitz photographing Daniel Craig for Vanity Fair. 

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Some great street photography examples in ebook form:

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Nice (free) e-book from Nicole Young.
I always enjoy her posts and work, so encourage everybody interested in photography, to check this out!
New FREE eBook! Light Stories: Writings on Photography & Inspiration

I am SUPER excited to announce the release of my brand-new eBook Light Stories. This eBook is in PDF format … and it's free! Yep, that's right :) Just head over to my website to download it … and please spread the word!

I've been working very hard on a new project to start publishing my own eBooks, this eBook being just the beginning, and I thought that there was no better day than my birthday (yes, it's today!) to kick things off. And … why not do it with a gift I can give to everyone?! Don't worry, though, you'll still be seeing me publish through +Peachpit, +Craft & Vision & +Flatbooks  … I'm not jumping ship on anyone, just starting an adventure of my very own. :)

To get your free copy, please head on over to my blog:

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Simply amazing. I am sure we are going to see more of this in all kinds of photography. Video from RC helicopter..
Crazy awesome footage captured from an RC helicopter during a climbing trek in Pakistan

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We had a great day at Bondi Beach. Festival of the Winds.
I have already put it in my diary for next year.

This year I brought my Olympus OMD with 12mm F2.
Saw so many photographers I am sure we will see more images from this colorful event.

#bondibeach #sydney #kites #waverley   #omd

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Festival of the Winds today Sep 9, in Bondi.

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Came across a Waratah this afternoon during a bushwalk.
This only the second time I have seen this beautiful flower in the wild.
What a treat.
#bushwalk #waratah  
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A-m-a-z-i-n-g photography by Ashoka Saravana. Found this via alltop, photography.

#inspiration #photography  

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Some nice tips for Foodies.
How to make that photo of that restaurant food look great.
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