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Trauma insurance comparison of four insurance policies in New Zealand provided by three insurance companies.

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Business Insurance presentation for Auckland business owners.

Dear business owners and (aka) marketing gurus here is a wake-up call (by your slang "call to action"): Your potential client doesn't give a damn about you or where you went to school and what you (even better) do to make a living the only thing your client cares is how you with your products can help solve their today problems. Think again it is not about the product or you or how brilliant you & your team are it is about what it can produce - the outcome! In my industry "insurance" it is about sum of money in event of "what if" situation. What about you? Please share your ideas....

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Last week one man who used to help me a lot with technical details of the policies for my business retired from AMP. I got an invite for his retirement party. When I asked him why is he leaving his employment - his answer was simple:- he said he planned his retirement, he knows that he wants to do a lot, before he is going to get to the time when travelling & other active life style will not be possible. According to him - retirement planning is the best way to insure that you would have enough money during the time when you no longer earn as much. He mentioned to me a book called "20 good summers" I have not yet looked at it. According to him a good book to get when you are in your late thirties. (!!!) The reason I want to share this post with you today is simple - question how many if us now in 21st century think about retirement when we are in our late thirties? That's right - not many at all.
Interestingly the importance of retirement planning for immigrants even higher to compare to people who were born& breed in New Zealand I am going to try to explain what I mean by that:- most Kiwis have older parents with inheritance - immigrants do not. Majority of immigrants have so called broken reality - they often not attached to the locals who are getting older and about to retire.
To say thank you to the friend of mine for the thoughts I have provided you here I have given to him as a present the bottle of good whiskey. Thank you Alex.

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In my USSR childhood I remember thinking that April even it starts  from “Fools day” is a strange month from the history point of view of course. Look at the following days:
2nd of April “International day of children’s book”
4th of April “Geologist’s” day
7th of April “International health day”
12th of April Uriy Gagarin circled the Earth for 1 hour and 48 minutes aboard of the Vostok 1 spacecraft and it since then celebrated as day of Cosmonautics Day (Russian: Den Kosmonavtiki) interestingly now it is International Day of Human Space Flight in dedication of the first manned space flight.
20th of April was born Adolf Hitler and he died also in April…  30th  being defeated by Russians & Allies, during the Second World 2, Russians mobilised almost 43Mln men and women to fight Germany.  I wonder why 30th of April is not celebrated as the wonderful day when the planet shook off one of the deadliest human in history. 
22nd of April birthday of Vladimir Lenin – he was a Russian communist revolutionary, politician and political theorist (in my view now can also be seen as a terrorist –especially taking into account that he was imprisoned for it, but this is a different topic) . He served as the leader of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic from 1917, and then concurrently as Premier of the Soviet Union from 1922, until his death.  Many people when they talk about Lenin do not link his “leadership” to the huge loss of Russian lives according to Sokolov ,1997 Russia lost about 5,750,000 lives by 1926. According to another author  from 1918—1955 Russia lost 87 mil of people due to wars, repressions and so on(O.Platonov). http://ru.wikipedia
29th of April “International Dance day”
30th of April day of Russian Fireman
Internationally the month is also known for Jazz Appreciation Month and interestingly as month of Alcohol Awareness  it is also known as Cancer Control Month.
I do like the photo (thanks to Viktor Bulla the author)  I guess the only thing to say is  "we - adults responsoble for what our kids would remember".

New Zealand is the nation of DIY people- I can only think of three areas where people could potentially admit that they would use a professional: Accountant - not many self employed people want to do their accounts. Lawyer- almost everyone would give up with even basic use of the law and happy to use a lawyer.Sport trainer - this is in my view where a "Joe Smith Electrician" wouldsay- my daughter wants to learn how to play tennis and happy to go to  local club to look after his daughter's wants.
The rest of the other services available - normally geting done by trying to do it all themselves. Often the DIY jorney ends up as mistake some happy to admit.
 I have noticed that many people who learned their DIY mistake - do not want to have  another go.
From insurance industry point of view - DIY often is not noticable till too late.
Good example would be - many Kiwis look after their houses and "do-up" or major house renovation is given - often forgotten step is "Site Cover" to protect the family home.  In the event the house is damaged during renovation  a normal "house insurance" policy is not going to protect he owners. That is why if you are thinking of DIY - make sure you do have right insurance in place.

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Well, all of you know that New Zealand is really - and I mean really-too far away from the rest of the world.
Due to my MBA research which I just about to finish – just about to under control of my (strict &fare? supervisor- Sasha Molchanov)
I have to read a lot about structure of financial companies in NZ.
I mean some of them ...gone by now and others prosper. I do not want to talk about what makes them to "float or to sink". I want to show you something else...
Let me start once again - we are - too far away - we do NOT have the buying power of a big country... don't get me wrong there is beauty in it and from my view a lot of what the other countries do not have at all, we who live in NZ do take it for granted. Let me tell you what I think we do not have:
In NZ if you want to buy a house and would like to exercise your right to use your “big brother” (government) help you have to be in Kiwisaver for 3 years and only after that you can use your contributions to buy your own house. There is no other viable option. To compare with the USA where you would have a variety of options – which would most of the time depend on the area where you live or the income you have. “Income” – the banks love it – this is what they call “servicing income” meaning  "balance" the rest of the money you have in your account after you spent on what you really have to - food, kids and some other fun :)
Look at the picture – the house is available for $129,900 – this photo was taken June 2013- it is located just a couple of hours of drive from San Francisco. The house is built by Visionary Home Builders- Carol J. Ornelas is a visionary and advocate for providing quality “affordable housing” to families within the Central Valley – Fresno, San Andreas, San Joaquin, Sacramento, and Stanislaus.
Visionary Home Builders has built and rehabilitated more than 1200 units of rental housing and more than 500 residential homes for first time homebuyers within San Joaquin, Sacramento, Stanislaus and Merced counties
To be eligible for the “Option To Own”  program, participants cannot currently own a home and income must not exceed 80% of San Joaquin County Area Median Income limits.
I guess my point is if you take that medium income of $66,300 your limit should not exceed $53,000 – if so you can buy the house on the picture below the post. For those of you who want to check other levels of income in the USA - here you go :-)
hud median income limits | camortgagelimits
My question is – why something like this is available in the USA and cannot be available in NZ? Why low income New Zealanders – cannot buy a house – typo – they cannot afford to buy one. We have an election coming – none of the parties yet even mentioned something which would make a low income earner in New Zealand better off…
How many people do you know who live in NZ with the above level of income? That’s right.

Next point:
New Zealand is a great country if you want to keep your money in a foreign bank (hush#hush) – not be discussed- we love our neighbor) – well I mean majority of New Zealanders keep their money in the banks which owned by Australians :-)
The only bank – Kiwibank which is truly (yet) New Zealand
• According to the site – still is…
they pay as much as 
for 6 months.
Minimum investment $10,000.
Hot rate huh? 4.1%
According to RBNZ current inflation is “in average” 2.7%
Which means if you really and I mean really want to MAKE $  some money you would not really think "term deposit" or would you? I mean 1.4% annual interest rate – huh forgot to ask is it compounded? :-)
Let me show you something else:
“Lending Club” in the USA
This is what they say about themselves
“As of March 17, 2014, over 71,835 investment accounts have funded nearly $3,890,757,700 in loans and received over $363,099,300 in interest payments.
Lending Club has attracted many types of investors, from professional fixed income investors like family offices and insurance companies to individuals saving for retirement, with accounts ranging up to millions of dollars.”
Lending Club has facilitated $4,034,212,750 in loans to date
Lending Club facilitated $272,075,500 in new loans last month
83.64% of Lending Club borrowers report using their loans to refinance existing loans or pay off their credit cards.

Now let’s check out how they calculate their returns to investors- “Lending Club Notes have Projected Returns by Grade A-D of 5.35% to 9.40%
You can choose the grade or grades that fit your investment goals”.

I can almost hear like one of the bankers in New Zealand would say to me – "higher risk – higher returns"- sure.
Sure you are right.
This is what people say about them –
“ lending money at a lower rate than most credit cards and returning more money to lenders...Financial Times”
Lending Club has won the #5 spot on Forbes’ 2014 list of America’s Most Promising Companies, a ranking of high-growth, privately-held companies with under $250 million in annual revenue.

The point I am trying to make here is that in the USA a someone who wants to manage their portfolio with retirement funds can easily do so- they can even put their 401K into the organisation like "Lending Club"
Do we have the same option in New Zealand ? Nope- Nada- None. I guess we do not need as much in the clean & green country. :-)
Next point:
Prosper is America's largest peer-to-peer lending marketplace, with over 1,240,000 members and $500,000,000 in loans funded to date. Prosper connects people who want to invest money with people who want to borrow money.
From this “guys” you can borrow for as much as 6.73%
I mean let’s compare this to what we have in New Zealand:-  you can borrow from ANZ for 2 years for 6.99% (home loan with 80% equity) and if you want to compare other lenders use this link
 To buy your house – I mean – hey – we pay in NZ with the most secured according to the banking sector factor as much as you would pay in the USA to pay your credit card off so to speak.
Check these rates out:
Now let me tell you what “was that all about” –“ opportunities”– nothing else.
Market demands opportunities.
I do want our politicians in New Zealand start to think how to make lives of New Zealanders better.
Opportunities means –“ to be able to get something done” not how a 20 years old man can get benefit from the government – the country should stop destroying lives of people who is capable of earning decent living.
The country should create better law – in order to make sure that the law protects people and does not allow “smart” financiers to get rich and to destroy people’s lives.
Let me sum up – New Zealand is far away and it should be used as an advantage.
Hope you find all of the above useful and if so please like it – to let other people to read it.
Thank you. Vlad Ivanov.

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Had a discussion today about importance of family- especially having someone to be able to ask for help. -  My wife's girlfriend told her that her husband in the hospital with "Appendicitis Peritonitis" this is an inflammation of the peritoneum after the appendicitis had erupted and all the toxins and blood in the abdomen, the thin tissue that lines the inner wall of the abdomen and covers most of the abdominal organs. Peritonitis often due to rupture of a hollow organ as may occur in abdominal trauma or appendicitis. I personally know four people who had  "Appendicitis Peritonitis" and one of my friends lost his father due to "medical disadventure"
This guy (husband of my wife's girlfried) was taken to the hospital by his wife at 3 AM and they have a child of two years - imagine - child and the husband  who is in severe pain and simply does not know what is going on...if you do not have your family or close friends you have no one to ask for help. I mean you would not really knock to at your neighbour door to ask for help - right? saying - can you please look after my child...  Plus on the top of that if he is going to be off work for a few weeks - just to recover - the family's finance are going to be depleted - and again - what if no one can help? I do not know does he have income protection policy or not. What is clear is that ACC will not pay to the family - the case is not accident related Appendicitis- is sickness. Therefore the only financial product which would pay to him is "Income Protection"
"Income Protection" is something many people know about but do not have - no one is planning to have an erupted appendicitis at 3 AM. So now the family is on 50% of their normal income - he has been in the hospital for a week already - most likely all his sick leave days already "consumed" She wants to be near his in the hospital but they do have a child - the child goes to kindy and it again means $ People often think about cancer or heartattack - I have never been asked about "Income proptection" and appendicitis.... in the picture you can see how appendicitis looks like when inflamed I have taken the picture from Wikipedia.

Many people in New Zealand talk about the "right" and "wrong" with ACC system in New Zealand. Sure there are too many people with "the government is going to look after me" mentality and there are some who think that nothing would happen to me. But is it right to think that? I think ACC system is great - it is designed to cover all public (including visitors aka tourists) & to pay for medical expenses in the event of an accident and even "TA-DA" pay that person 80% of their pre-accident income. This is where the things can go wrong and this is the exact problem many self employed people do not plan for- if let's say your income last financial year was less to compare with the current year - ACC will only pay 80% of your last year income. For people who on full-time employment and their tax is paid through PAYE - there is no problems at all - they would get their 80% pre- accident income.
Medical care expenses are going to be paid by ACC and what is really important that - all accidents are covered.

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Look at this one :-))) Really cool moment - do you remember your "first" fly away from home?
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