This is a group of really smart and globally conscience people who are trying to do some important stuff. Please check it out and learn a little something if you can.

You are invited to a special Conservation Live Broadcast on Friday 18th into Saturday 19th November, (depending on location), at the below listed times.

The expert panel for this show will consist of +Boyd Norton, Serengeti Watch Co-director and writer and photographer of 15 critically acclaimed books, including four on Africa. +Dave Blanton, Serengeti Watch Co-director and author, +Sandy Schepis, Serengeti Watch volunteer consultant and special guest from Kenya, Josphat Ngonyo, Executive Director at Africa Network for Animal Welfare [ANAW] who is currently in the USA talking on the Serengeti Highway Issue.

What is the Serengeti Highway?

The National Geographic provides an overview of the highway, and the environmental impact it will have on the Mara / Serengeti Ecosystem here:

QUOTE "Tanzania sparked an international uproar last summer when it announced plans to move forward with the construction of a 33-mile (53-kilometer) stretch of commercial highway that would cut through Serengeti National Park and potentially disrupt the annual migration of more than a million wildebeest traveling in search of grass and water."

If you have a question for the panel, please add it below, you won't get a better chance to share your concerns with Boyd or Dave. We are hoping you can join us, and you might be invited into the hangout with us to speak with the Serengeti Watch team live.

To discover more about the Serengeti Watch organisation, visit their website here:
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