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Ten random bits of server technology trivia:

1. As recently as 2005, Dell and IBM offered Itanium-based servers.

2. Code-names for AMD server processors come from Formula 1 racetracks.
3. PCI Express Generation 3 supports twice the bandwidth as Generation 2, but with a clock only 60% faster. The magic is more efficient encoding of data.

4. A modern 4GB DIMM will suffer a single-bit correctable error roughly once every 4 hours.

5. The founders of Intel (Gordon Moore / Bob Noyce) and AMD (Jerry Sanders) were previously colleagues at Fairchild.

6. 40% more server vendors support VMware ESXi 5.0 than Microsoft Windows 2008 R2, according to the VMware Compatibility Guide and the Microsoft Server Catalog (106 vs. 73).

7. IBM style rules say "POWER" should be capitalized when referring to the processor chip, but lower case ("Power") when referring to a server utilizing that chip.

8. China and Russia ban the use of TPM security chips.

9. Intel owns a license to build ARM processors.

10. Clock rates on the memory chips in DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 DIMMs are the same. It's only the buffer chip on the DIMM that's gotten faster; later DIMMs use wider connections (conceptually more memory chips) to increase throughput.
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I've discovered the secret to understanding women: They were compiled without the -O flag.
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