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In the context of time travel we must also resolve/incorporate the current results of historic actions.  Beyond the cascade of cause and effect through time I also suggest including the images of history which still persist today..

As we look into the night sky, we see distant objects as they appeared millions of years ago.  It takes time for the light with it's encoded images to reach us.  In the same way, around 5,000 light years away from us are the images showing how the pyramids were built.  If you have a very focused telescope.  History is not lost, but is encoded into images stored into the fabric of space and propagated as space expands adaping new images being generated and added to the historic image record.

Which asks; what happens to the historic image record of today if we were to change the past?
Why the Past Does not Wait for Us The grandfather paradox is a well-known problem of a time travel. According to this paradox, a time traveller goes back in time and kills his grandfather before he even meets his grandmot...
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The above comment suggests two outcomes.  Either the traveler returns to today which has no record of what they did in the past, or the traveler can not return to this reality as it will have been changed (the recorded images of the past have changed therefore this is not the same reality they left).  

If they return to a non-changed universal record, this means they did not travel or alter our past.  They traveled to, and altered an alternate past.

If they do affect the current record of history, they returned to an alternate universe.

Three possibilities..

1. Alter an alternative past
2. Return to an alternative present
3. No changes were made

The third possibility suggests we cannot alter our own past.  It does not say time travel is not possible, it only suggests the trip into the past has already occurred and everything you did is already recorded.  You must travel into the past because it is already recorded that you did.
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Stevan Allen

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A Wonderful Mind Teaser..

A flash of lightning!
Wait for it.. Wait...


We saw it before we heard it..
Light is faster than sound.

The clouds part and we stare strait into the sun. Except for the part about being blind, what we see is 8 minutes old.

We are looking back in history.

The sun sets and the stars soon scatter the heavens. Many of the stars we see are how they looked before the earth was formed.

So we take our powerfully new telescope and step onto our old Star Trek transporter and are instantly whisked 5000 lightyears away..

We point our powerfully new telescope back towards earth and watch how they built the pyramids.

While eating popcorn.

If we move towards the earth, we have fast forward, as we move away and we have slow motion.

We also have rewind if we could move away faster than light. But we can't, that's why we use our old transporter.

We can now see our past,
alas, we can not return there.
We can not see our future,
blindly we adventure there.
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Stevan Allen

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Time Dilation:

Let me help clarify, and then I'll really twist your mind.

First is two identical twins each with their own clock and each dies on their 35th birthday.  They both get up in at 7am and perform the exact same routines, day after day.  We put one on a spaceship traveling very fast and the other remains on earth.  In this case each dies when their clock reaches 35 years and each did the exact same amount of tasks.  They each brushed their teeth the same number of times, watched the same amount of TV, etc.  In this respect one did not live any "longer" than the other and did not do anything more than the other person.  From each persons perspective they only lived 35 years, no more and no less.

Second is we can instantly travel into the future by passing very near or through a black hole who's gravity condenses both space/time.  So that is exactly what we do and travel 300 years into the future in only three minutes by our clock as we emerge on the other side.  We claim we instantly traveled into the future!  But someone taps us on the shoulder and says no you didn't.  Year after year we came by and saw you seemingly frozen near the black hole.  You never left us.

Now for the mind twist..

A photon travels at the speed of light because it is light.  At the speed of light time comes to a complete stop and space condenses to a single point.  While we can measure the protons progress through space and it's location every second during the 8 minutes it takes for it to travel from the sun to the earth, to the proton whose time has stopped and space has contracted it sees its origin and destination as being the same place and it's travel time was instantaneous.  To the photon there is was no space or time, it is only us who can see the space between its origin and end and measure a difference in time it took in its travel.  So I ask, from where and how does space and time emerge?

Stevan Allen

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@Godvictory. To say Obama is a fighter for the poor and middle class is false, a facade for votes. The poor have lost or soon to loose their homes, their jobs, and prices through the roof and going higher. Let's look...

In 2008 on the campaign trail the Dems blamed Bush & Chaney for high gasoline prices above $2.50. I remember loving Obama saying he met a teacher who had to quit her job because she couldn't afford the Gas. (tears). If he were president, he would open up the oil reserves, blah blah blah. Lies, he never did it. Gas is now a buck more expensive than when he joined. Why, because he did reveal his real plans in an interview found on You Tube... where he said he favored clean energy and would impose regulations on the energy companies (to drive their price up making clean energy competitive). Asked what this would do, he responded that the energy companies would raise their price and pass it on to consumers.

Was he thinking about the poor teacher who now can't afford to drive to the grocery store either? NO! In a time of financial crises, he decided clean energy is more important than the suffering poor who are hanging by a thread or already fallen.

Let's pass health care that makes the poor pay insurance (or fined) regardless if they can't afford it or not. Again he is bankrupting the poor! p.s. Obamacare was written by the insurance industry so that he could get their support in getting it passed. The "everyone" must buy insurance came from them. Look it up!

Let's strengthen the banks, print tons of money (your debt) and give it all to the banks. With more regulations which limit their lending, thus promoting, escalating, and prolonging foreclosures and business closures. The largest trickle down economics failure in world history! (Where are you Democrats? Or are you just a hateful group when the the other guy does it?) Now he's making it possible to sell (your) foreclosed home with many others as a group to foreign investors. Obama decided the banks are more important than the poor loosing their homes.

Where was Obama's concern for the poor when he decided these things? Nowhere.

You can't refinance to a lower rate either. And all the fed mortgage programs have flopped. Do you wonder why?

Your tax dollars being pored into solar energy companies that are still going bankrupt. He gambled with your money and lost it. He's purposely driving up energy prices (as he said he would) and then blame it on wall street traders. Obama lied!

My family is dirt poor. I started out as a Dem but learned the difference between words and actions a long time ago. Was a Rep for awhile, now I'm neither. I'm not saying Republicans are better at helping the poor, they don't claim to be. I am saying Dems don't give a shit about the poor even though they say they do. For every so called help (tax breaks, food stamps, unemployment extensions, etc.) I can show price increases, additional taxation, etc. in the same year to offset it. Putting money in one pocket and taking it from the other turns all their claims about helping the poor to be falsehoods and lies.

If you think Obama is only going to tax the rich, you are so freaking naive! The court said Obamacare can only be done as a tax, which makes Obamacare the largest tax increase in history on the poor!

I've asked a number of poor including family, what has a democrat president, any president, done to help you. Most can't think of anything! A couple have mentioned an extra $200 in their tax refund.

To me, dems have no clue about helping the working poor. It pisses me off that so many believe they do. If you want to claim to be for the poor, you better know the poor. Do you know anyone dirt poor GodVictory? I don't think you do and are completely off base stating dems are for the poor. I'm from Missouri, the Show Me state!

I don't like Mitt either. Obviously a bought and paid for puppet by big money who steamrolled over the "anyone but Romney" objections of the reps. Like the dems, I don't expect he will focus on the poor either. At least he doesn't lie or falsely insinuate he will. I do believe he will remove many of Obamas regulations to free up lending and get businesses/jobs flowing again. Overturn Obamacare which will bankrupt most poor if it's not fixed. Yes, corporate & wall street corruption may return (doing the same thing that led us into this mess) but we desperately need to focus on growth and jobs and deal with the wrong doers individually.

If anyone says the dems are for the poor, I say they are lieing and can't prove it. It's a false statement solely for the purpose of getting votes from the uninformed.

To Obama, the poor come in secondary to clean energy, health insurance companies, big banks...

In honesty, there is corruption everywhere, businesses, churches, gov't, unions, charities, police, male, female, black, white, latino, rich, poor. Yet these organizations are good & needed. Without them, we are in chaos! To label all business, all rich, as the enemy is insane! It's class warfare for the sake of manipulating votes.

I only spoke about the idea that dems are for the poor. I'm also upset that Obama attacked Lybia without getting the congress approval. At least Bush got their approval for Iraq and Afgahnistan. And Obama bypassed congress approval in buying billions of Europe's debt. We have no control over EU decisions, If Europe goes under, we all go under. Thanks Obama! I'm also upset that Obama has never passed a balanced budget required every year by law. Ignore laws, bypass congress, hang our future on Europe which we have no control, foreclose your home, loose your job, purposely drive your energy & gas costs higher to make clean energy more attractive, make you pay for insurance even if you can't afford it.

Obama's has his own agenda, individuals, especially the poor, are not part of it. Quit saying it is!

Bush Lied & Obama Failed!

You're not the only one who feels disappointed in +Barack Obama.
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