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"I highly recommend coming here if you are passionate about singing, acting, ect."
"Furthermore, this is an adult acting class, and no children are present."
" an amazing groupon deal for The Academy of the Arts..."
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Nick Thompson's profile photo
Nick Thompson
2 years ago
The Academy is a unique place. I've known the owner, Stuart, for over ten years — since I was a young teenager. I've seen many of his students go on to be quite successful. While the Academy has gone through some minor business and management turbulence, their core principles and mission has endured. Overall, the staff is exceptionally talented and experienced. I would recommend this place for lessons to any of my friends. Expect a serious commitment and hard work if you actually want to be successful in the industry.
• • •
Dawn Leetch's profile photo
Dawn Leetch
3 years ago
I would have to disagree, this place has been great for me. Ive be in acting in a really long time and never really noticed I wasnt being trained properly. When I started coming here and starting working with my acting coach its been amazing. With Chelsea not making it the second day it not her fault she had bronchitis and she had to drive by the fire which didnt help much on top of her allergies. We didnt hold it against Ive been there, and for her to show up the other two days I give her props. I believe in this business you have to show its something you really want for people to take you serious. What you put in is what you get out of it. With this place the teachers sees your strength and weakness and works on them both. I love this place ya things have may have been a little crazy but it was the first one they done and they learned what they should do better next time. In the long run I think they did a great job.
• • •
Carolyn Hoyt's profile photo
Carolyn Hoyt
3 years ago
I got an amazing groupon deal for The Academy of the Arts. $20 for 20 group lessons...which is about a $800 value. Sounds too good to be true, right? And it is. You get what you pay for my dear friends. Ok, so initially I had written a review for this place and at that point, it seemed to be ok, so I rated it pretty high. But. (yes, there's a but.) Here I am, updating my review, because after a few weeks here, I have to say, my tune has changed (see my fun pun there??). They aren't professional or organized even a little. The owner, Stuart, has no idea what is going on with anything and I believe that their administratiive assistant, Jessica, is entirely overwhelmed and therefore unable to fulfill all of the responsibilities that come with it. The building itself is very run down and in you can see black handprints on the doorways and walls and multiple bugs on the floor. Just recently, they hosted a three day conference, which I am sad to say that I attended. The speakers they brought in either didn't show up on time or didn't show up at all (or maybe they were never even told to show up?) The schedule they posted online was different then the schedule they handed out at registration, which was different than the schedule for the entire weekend. Each class started at least 30 minutes behind schedule, but usually an hour, if the class even happened at all. There were literally hours I spent each day waiting around outside in 100 degree weather for a class to start. This school is aimed very much at the tikes of the world. If you are over the age of say,16-17, and aren't looking to become the next Taylor Swift, this may not be the place for you.
• • •
Jaimie Diemer's profile photo
Jaimie Diemer
3 years ago
I love this place! Great people and great service. Been there for ten years and never wanna leave. It's like a home away from home.
Taylor Warner
2 years ago
Such a wonderful place to learn! Everyone, including the students, are kind & very helpful. Your confidence is built quickly! I highly recommend coming here if you are passionate about singing, acting, ect.
Nono Reference
3 years ago
I agree with Carol's review wholeheartedly and I hope she asks for at least 50% of her money back. I too got the recent "deal" for 10 group acting lessons for $20. I'm about 1/2 way through and I have no intention of going back; this is rare that I wouldn't finish something I start yet this class is a waste of time. The teacher has set the tone for disrespectful behavior by the students in many ways. Our teacher has proudly and publically proclaimed her potty mouth and students are invited to contribute their frequent "F" Bombs in class under the auspice of "art" even though the FCC and most "professionally-paid productions" would greatly limit this behavior....and of course, this behavior definitely contributes to people being more peaceful and respectful to each other in our world. Bottom line, the owner and school are allowing the promotion of this "class practice" which only perfects "bad practice" and mass market student non-sale-ability--and limits the development of more intelligent, creative words and actions! Good thing they don't have a real H.R. Dept! Therefore, BEFORE you sign up, I would ask the School scheduler, currently Jessica, for a list of teachers with their verified credentials, for example when, where and for what venue(s) did the teacher perform for within the last 5 years or less? Also, a list of "specific" names of clients--supposedly that are" famous". This should also be posted on their website and in the school, if a truly "professional" business. Like Carol, I too have consistently experienced the teacher not taking responsibility to "lead" the class and start them on time, as published (and promised). Late behavior is reinforced and the majority of class members / time is not honored--we are either not given our 1.5 hours or the class runs overtime up to 30 minutes. The school needs to commit to the times they say a class will begin and end. Also, it is bad judgment, precedent setting, and very distracting to allow a student to bring a dog to run around during our class because she didn't have a sitter. Gosh I have a few cats.......that might like to potty (along with our teacher) and that students with potential allergies might love!! Since this is the Academy Arts-Denver, it would be nice to have its plain white walls updated with "artistic" paint colors and an air conditioner that you don't have to turn off or yell over to have your lines be heard. July and August should be fun months sitting in this school! Most importantly, the time you spend is gone forever to never be replaced. Is this really a place that provides "safety to all" in a win-win manner that helps one truly explore an art form to its fullest...under the wings of a successful performer and certified teacher? Maybe if you are under 18 years old. I would invite you to do more research and look at Swallow Hill and "Other" talent and performance" training businesses in the Denver area. Choose a teacher whose qualities you aspire to master or want to become!
• • •
Michelle Honsinger's profile photo
Michelle Honsinger
3 years ago
I too have been attending classes at this school, but my opinion is very different. I also got the Groupon, and thought it would be a fun way to add some creativity into my life. I doubt I'll ever be good enough or have the time to do anything professionally with this, but I've enjoyed all of the classes, and have felt just as valued as the students who are pursuing acting careers. I was in class with one of the reviewers here, and can shed some light on what she is referring to. She was asking the teacher to censor our speech, and asking us all to use less profanity. I honestly didn't find it to be too much, but even if I had, I would never have asked others to abide by my personal preferences. I know that in life, I may choose to use as much or as little profanity as I see appropriate, but I also know that others are free to do so as well. Furthermore, this is an adult acting class, and no children are present. Finally, in signing up for an acting class, I would assume that we are all trying to expand who we are, at least a little bit, and to even role play people we would never be, all in a safe and protected environment. Censorship of certain words or speech would not allow this kind of creativity. For example, if we are doing improv, but have to constantly be thinking about whether we are allowed to say certain things, then we cannot get fully into that character, and our creativity is stifled. I know that would defeat my purposes in signing up. However, the teacher was very respectful, and even allowed a 2-3 hour discussion (cumulative over 2-3 classes) to try to address her concerns. She really did want us all to be in agreement over this, and to move forward as a group. Obviously, it didn't work out. Regardless, I have found the entire organization and its staff to be very friendly and welcoming. I haven't noticed any bugs (dead or alive). Yes the building is a little old, but come on, I'm not sleeping there, and I think it has a cool kind of charm. (Plus I like old things) I haven't felt overwhelmed by too many kids (granted I'm in an adult class). I didn't attend the weekend conference so I can't say one way or another about its quality, Bottom line, this is a great place with very nice people, and I'm getting way more out of it than I ever thought I would. I look forward to my class all week because it's such a creative outlet, and it's so different that what I do with all the rest of my time.
• • •
Fallon Gyurko
2 years ago
This is coming straight from the heart. Believe me when I say that the Academy has been an absolutely life changing experience. I have been studying at the Academy for quite some time and I can say from personal experience that I learned more in one month studying there than I did in multiple months or even years at any other place in Metro Denver.