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Sarah Dawn
Hello and welcome to Sarah Dawn's Designs! I'm a Fiber Artist creating digital Knitwear patterns, as well as commissioned knitwear.
Hello and welcome to Sarah Dawn's Designs! I'm a Fiber Artist creating digital Knitwear patterns, as well as commissioned knitwear.
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And here's the final blog post for Me Made May! I did make it through, and there was only 1 day where I didn't wear a handknit. I'm pretty happy with the result, though I have come to the conclusion I do need a few more hand-knit sweaters.

[Image Description: A single fingering-weight blue sock, with lace and texture, being worn on someone's foot.]

From +Birgit Tüchsen of By Number 19 comes a great post discussing how to substitute yarn in knitting or crochet! It's a great discussion about weight, texture, and fiber content; and how they impact the finished object.

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From @How Did You Make This? comes a photo and text tutorial for the Diagonal Basketweave Knitting Stitch Pattern:

It's written instruction with photographic tutorials.

[Image Description: A swatch showing the basket weave pattern.]


Hello all!

So I'm sorry I've been quiet on the internets today.

We've had a technician in looking at problems with our land line, and that's causing some disruptions to the internet. Internet is working at the moment, (it's off-and-on) so I'm posting to let you folks know that I'm still around! Hopefully, it will be fixed by end of day, and I'll try and get to any messages/e-mails that came in by Monday.

I've been able to eek a few e-mails out when the internet is running, so if I'm not getting back to you quickly, that's probably why!

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From +Knit Picks, here's a Youtube tutorial from their Youtube Chanel about how to knit in the round using Magic Loop. I have to admit, it took me a bit to figure out Magic Loop, but now that I have it's a very useful way of working in the round! The one thing this tutorial doesn't mention is to watch your tension where you're switching needles, otherwise you can end up with laddering. (That's where you get small holes in your knitting where you've switched needles while working in the round.)

Video has automatic CC.

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So this came across my social media feeds via @Kirsten Holloway Designs, and is originally by Gary Larson.

This made me chuckle -- I'd never thought of this before!

[Image Description: cartoon drawing of 3 spiky-looking sheep in a farmer's field. One sheep is wearing an eye patch. Caption reads: It's a known fact that the sheep that give us steel wool have no natural enemies.]

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#MMMay17 Day 31:

Last Day! I made it!

So this is another sneak peek at my Entrelac Mitts. This is actually a behind-the-scenes of our photo shoot for this pattern, so I'm hopeful that it will be up for testing very soon!

Yarn is +Freia Fibers, Merino Sport Silk blend, in the colourway "Atlantis".

[Image Description: Two entrelac gloves knit in a blue-green gradient.]

Photography: Stephanie Wallace


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From the ever brilliant Techknitter, here's a blog post all about how to organize your yarn when you're doing two-colour knitting.

I usually manage with two colours in my yarn bowl, but I'm fascinated by the idea of the hooks, and may have to try that out!

[Image Description: Black and White sketch of two balls of yarn inside resealable freezer bags.]

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So this came across my feeds from +Atlas Obscura, and I neglected to post it until now! It's actually quite fascinating (and as a knitter, it makes perfect sense that this would be done!)

[Image Description: A black-and-white photograph of a person knitting].

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#MMMay17: Day 30

Well, still posting the last of my pictures. While not the best picture, these are my Gox Socks! Yarn is @Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label in "Frost". Pattern will be linked in the comments. I made these quite some time ago, and they've held up well! Admittedly, this is an older picture (I didn't get a picture when I was wearing them on May 30th), but I promise I was!

[Image Description: Two feet of a person sitting. Both feet are wearing a pair of blue socks with cables up the side and twisted stitches at the back and front.]

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