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Angela S. Burke
Bi-lingual editor, copywriter and translator for German and English
Bi-lingual editor, copywriter and translator for German and English

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Here's the 2nd part about my hip replacement operation. Nothing gruesome, guys, just my personal account. Hope this might help some other people contemplating a hip replacement. Comments welcome!

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Prepping The theatre nurse pushed my trolley along various corridors and eventually into the lift going down to the theatre where she parked me in the pre-op waiting area. I looked around, watched outpatients being seen to and tried to figure out what…

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I published this on Wordpress last week but had issues with sharing this publicly. 
The account of my hip replacement may be of interest to fellow arthritis sufferers. Your comments are welcome!

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This is really awful!
Not the sentence, no, but what this guy did!
And the victim's brother is right: The court should've looked at the crime as an act of terrorism and not as an ordinary act of violence or attempted murder.

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My new post for my semi-autobiographical blog on Blogger.
(also published today on Wordpress

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I've just added another story to my semi-autobiographical blog
This blog deals with events in my childhood and adolescence that shaped me and made me into the person I am today.

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More Fright Night than Flight Night?
Someone's made a mistake here and the meerkat on the left looks outright vicious, lol.

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Semi-autobiographical stories of my childhood and adolescence, events that influenced and shaped me and played a part in making me the person I am today.
The girl had a new teacher for her second year in primary school, Fräulein Alscher, a bespectacled teacher in her thirties who radiated authority. As the “Fräulein” (Miss) indicated, the teacher was a spinster. She lived with her elderly mother and…

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Also published on my Wordpress blog
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