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World Natural Gas Oil Shock Model This post was originally published at Peak Oil Barrel in July 2015 The post that follows relies heavily on the work of PaulPukite (aka Webhubbletelescope), Jean Laherrere , and Steve Mohr .  Any mistakes are my responsibili...

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Oil Shock Models with Different Ultimately Recoverable Resources of Crude plus Condensate (3100 Gb to 3700 Gb)
The post that follows relies heavily on the previous work of
both Paul Pukite (aka Webhubbletelescope) and Jean Laherrere and I thank them both
for sharing their knowledge, any mistakes are my responsibility.   In a previous post I presented a simplified

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Eagle Ford, Permian Basin, and Bakken and Eagle Ford Scenarios
oil output in the US has kept World oil output from declining over the past few
years and a major question is how long this can continue.   Poor estimates by both the US Energy
Information Administration (EIA) and the Railroad Commission of Texas ...

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Oil Shock Model for the World - 4100 Gb
I recently used the Oil Shock Model to create a future oil
output scenario using Jean Laherrere’s estimate for World C+C URR of 2700
Gb.   About 500 Gb of extra heavy oil from
Canadian Oil Sands and Orinoco Belt oil is included in the C+C URR estimate.   Th...

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The Oil Shock Model with Dispersive Discovery- Simplified
The Oil Shock Model was first developed by
Webhubbletelescope and is explained in detail in The Oil
Conundrum . (Note that this free book takes a while to download as it is
over 700 pages long.) The Oil Shock Model with Dispersive Discovery is covered
in th...

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Oil Field Models, Decline Rates and Convolution
The eventual peak and decline of light tight oil (LTO) output in the Bakken/ Three Forks play of North Dakota and Montana and the Eagle Ford play of Texas are topics of much conversation at Peak Oil Barrel and elsewhere.   The decline rates of individual we...

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Eagle Ford Output and Texas Condensate and Natural Gas
This is a brief update on Eagle Ford Crude plus Condensate
(C+C) output through February 2014.  February Eagle Ford C+C output was about 1200 kb/d by my estimate.   Figure 1- RRC Data provided by Kevin Carter  I have used my usual method of estimation where...

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Eagle Ford Update
Figure 1 It has been a while since I have updated my estimate of actual output from the Eagle Ford. Kevin Carter (KC at Peak Oil Barrel) graciously offered help pulling together data for the 39 fields which make up the Eagle Ford play (see this page at the ...

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Bakken and Eagle Ford Revised Scenarios
 Figure 1 There has been a lot of discussion about the United States
as the new Saudi Arabia.   Output of crude
plus condensate has been expanding rapidly in the light tight oil plays in
North Dakota (Bakken) and Texas (Eagle Ford).   In the past I have b...

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North Dakota Bakken Scenarios
Fig 1 TRR 6 to 11.3 Gb A recent post at Peak Oil Barrel by Jean Laherrere suggested an ultimate recoverable resource(URR) for the North Dakota Bakken/Three Forks of about 2.5 Gb based on Hubbert Linearization.  This conflicts with a recent (April 2013) USGS...
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