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How to create testing infrastructure?
There are many cases in automated testing where you need to
write multiple tests which are basically the same, except for some minor
changes. For example, you need to write a test which inserts a value
to a filed, and the value should change every time. If ...

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Continues Integration – how to run siesta via Jenkins?
As you’ve seen in the previous post ( Running siesta from a remote computer ), you can run siesta tests remotely. Moreover, you can create a
Jenkins job which will run those tests for you, and will indicate for any
failed test. In order to do that, you need...

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Waiting for components in Siesta
“waitFor” is one of the most important methods for testing
UI elements, since there are many occasions in which there can be race
conditions in UI testing (which are machine-induced and not user induced). For
example, if you click on a button which opens a ...

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How to run some code before each test?
Let’s suppose you need to run some general “code” (a few
commands), like a login process or a button click before every test in siesta.
You want that each and every test in your test suite will be executed from
where the “general code” stopped. For example,...

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Callback Method
If you’re a frequent siesta user, you are probably familiar
with the “callback” parameter – you can find it in almost all common methods
like “click”, “type”, “drag” etc. Here is the official documentation: ·          callback  : Function (optional) A

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Running Siesta from a remote computer
How to
run Siesta from a remote computer using Selenium Webdriver: Suppose you have a machine which has linux file system and you
write your test on it; But the test you execute need to run on a windows
machine (for all browsers support, or from any other r...

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Siesta - writing automated tests We
are using Bryntum's Siesta in order to test our web UI. Since
this page will NOT teach you all you need to know about siesta configuration, settings and
functions I strongly recommend that you spend some time reading abou...
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