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Stuart Daysley
Just a guy who wants more out of life...
Just a guy who wants more out of life...

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Such a beautiful poem, so heart felt and terrible if you know someone in that position. 
Gathering Strom
storm clouds gather
in the gray of your eyes 
clearly I see the rage in you rise
my heart starts to pound
at my imminent demise
knowing what’s coming 
the feeling, it’s numbing
your hatred is clear 
even through the blur of my tears
but I’ll weather this storm
a routine that’s become our norm
the bruises I’ll hide 
to no one will I confide
for fear of being alone 
scarier than any violence you’ve shown
because this too shall pass
only a few moments will it last
you’re always sorry, so very sorry
holding me in your arms crying
I know that you’re trying
my tears become yours 
forgiveness your eye implores
I should not have pushed you so
knowing where argument would go 
you tell me you love me
so gentle you can be
so tender your touch 
next time I’ll remember
not to push so much

~Cristy Quinn

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When I look into your eyes, I see reflection. The captivation, pure feelings. That reside, deep within your soul. I can't help, but admire your intensity. You hide behind, so many different thing's. I remember, each freckle upon your cheeks. Your long, wispy hair. Golden, upon the sun. Shimmering, within the light. Somewhat masking, your features. But to me, making you more alluring. I could look upon, your face for ever. Still, to find something new. Your uniqueness, rocks my mind. Your somewhat glare, inspires the senses. You act so tough, but beneath it all. Your heart, is still somewhat so tender.

Really nice picture, +Malaika Ali . Where, did you find it?

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Haha, seriously +Laura Manach. When the truth comes out, it sure make's for a good laugh. Just a shame, I can;t say I don't enjoy either haha!

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I owe what's, left of my heart to you. The feelings, that you spur up from deep within. My desire, just isn't complete anymore. Your like, a part of me. When this world, gets all confusing. You break away,  the walls that surround me. I want to pay, you back. So many times over, your worth more then my soul. For all the kindness, and thoughtful times that we have shared. Some day, I wish we could have everything. That we ever wanted, in life. Until you realise, that you are all I ever wanted.

We sometimes, owe so many people. For there touches, and changes to the world. We may, personally owe so many people. But sometimes, they never want repaying. For the kindness, that they share with us. Thank you +lynn paden 
i owe
what's left of myself
to the part of you
that makes me whole

and when i
get the chance to
chance upon you

i'll pay back
in tenfold all
the good you've done
for me

you will see

you will see



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You're so close to my heart, pulling upon the strings. Will you let me, so close to you again. All I want, is you by my side. To feel your warmth, with your subtle breathing calms my aching heart. Your fragrance, over powers my sense's. My feelings, just go into a blur. I don't want to, see you shed a tear. Each one, represents so much more. The deepness that, engulfs my heart. Just longs, for someone like you.

Thank you +lynn paden , your so deep and creative. I enjoy reading, your syphoney of words :)
all i wanna do
is hold you near

all i wanna do
is hug you

all i wanna be
is by your side

will you let me
will you trust me?

i try my best
day to day
to steer you to the sunlight

but you cover your eyes
duck behind your hair

try your best
to stay a shadow to me

can't you see
that you are the most
important one to me?

the focus in all
that's been blurry
all these years?

all i wanna do
is tell you how much
you mean to me

but i know
you can't listen
for very long

without tears

so let me hug
you near

and hold you
until you're warm

until the day awakens
your soul

until the light comes
to you again 



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You falter, so many times. So close to perfection, but do you see. That perfection is only a desire, a wish within our mind's. Don't fall for the tricks, be yourself. For you, are awesome beneath it all. You strive for perfection, which makes you who you are. Just don't, shed a tear. The worries, or anxiety are just tricks upon the mind. You are far more real, then most can cope. If they saw past, them self's. They may see, your true beauty hidden within. I only imagine, that your deepest desires. Will eventually, come true. Peace upon your heart, and a ever calming soul. You sparkle, amongst so many people. If you, only saw what you did to other people :)
i falter 
much too many times
to be human

i think
much too many thoughts
to be real

i know
that your normalcy 
will help me

i know 
that my anxieties
will be in vain

but the worries
are there 

and i 
am here

close enough to
perfect at all times

hoping perfect will
rub off on me

before i trip again



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While where young, we see so many in differences. I shouldn't care, what people think. I should, just want you by my side. There shouldn't, be any self doubt. I want to wipe away your tear's. I have these feelings, for you all the same. I know it's not easy, there's so much confusion in the air. I don't want you to be, anybody else but you. I don't care what, people say. There just, speaking idle words and gossip. I don't doubt your words, I just wish I could understand your actions. I want you so close, to feel your heart beat. The warmth of your breath, upon my skin. You seem so awkward, when your so close. It's so hard, to change a habit of a life time. You make me feel, so special. I don't want you to runaway, from the life that you lead. I just want you in my life, to feel your warm embrace. To enjoy your company, I fall for your lips. You speak, so many words. From your heart, the way you are. I can't hold myself back, I just want to appreciate you in my life. I hope, you keep feeling the same way. My heart's yours, to keep. Like the first words, you speak to me. From your subtle lips, when you hold me so close in your warmth embrace.

Original Picture from +lynn paden , with a colour adjustment.
I will take it down, if you wish though at any time +lynn paden .

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Somewhere peaceful to re-kindle, your thoughts. But sweet, to give inspiration.
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I sure do miss these Christmas holidays in the sun. Who needs snow, seriously who needs it :)

Great Prices on Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 consoles at Morrison's!!
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