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Andrew Hyland
Educator, Musician, Dad, having fun with Ed Tech.
Educator, Musician, Dad, having fun with Ed Tech.

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Hope this helps save some time. +Andrew Hyland +Andrew Hyland 

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How to: Pull a CAASPP Accommodations Query from SEIS
For my department and perhaps others who need to prepare and verify student accommodations for state CAASPP testing I have recorded here a procedure to setup a query from the Special Education Information System (SEIS) that will give all the information nee...

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Very nice.  Eventually I figured it out.
Do you know what a fractal is?
by Spiked Math Comics

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I'm going to remember this next time.

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How to: Email your Teachers from a Form Submit
I lost about an hours worth of typing and pictures in this post, so I'm going to type up another quick version that won't be as cool.  Trust me, it was awesome. +Ken Daniels  asked me about making autoCrat (Thanks for this awesome tool, +Andrew Stillman  an...

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VPEF Grant Thank Yous from My Class
Typing our essays on student desktop, Chromebook, and hand written. Earlier this school year, I applied for and was granted some generous funds for my classroom.  We were able to acquire two more Chromebook laptops to bring my class's grand total of availab...

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Batting Order Rotation
Thanks to this code  that I borrowed, I was able to create a batting order rotator for my son's Tee Ball team. You can see it in action here . I can see how this might be useful for elementary classes that want to rotate line leader and class jobs frequentl...

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Sci Fi book choices for 12th grade
About a year ago, I sent a request out for some Sci Fi books for 12th graders to read as part of their unit in short stories.  Here's a link to that post on a different blog which is worth taking a look at just for the few titles I collected in the comments...

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Making Technology Run Smoothly
I'm pleased that my question via Twitter made it in to  @TechsavvyEd  's #TechDirectorChat podcast segment last week! Ben had asked for any questions from the gallery for a tech director. Being a lowly teacher and having had to deal with tech and tech depar...

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Shut off Spell Checker in Docs
This I just found and it might be useful in two or three applications:
You can shut off the spell checker in Google Docs. Most people are smarter than I am, and so probably already knew that.  Here's the quote from the help page:  Spelling suggestions as y...
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