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Marta Marks
Worked at Reel FX Creative Studios
Attended Stephen F. Austin State University
Lives in Denton, TX


Marta Marks

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Denton, TX
  • Stephen F. Austin State University
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Very disappointing experience. Drove 2.5 hours to purchase a used truck and was informed that it went through their inspection in their shop before they put it back on their lot. You pay for this inspection in the purchase price as well so it wasn't free. Come to find out my truck has MAJOR defects that were there and there's NO WAY that they didn't catch this in the inspection. I called to see what we could work out and was told that their used cars are sold "as is" and if my truck breaks into 2 halves right off the lot then I would be the owner of both halves of the truck. Seriously?? So much for their 30 day guarantee with their used cars. Very unsatisfied and they just lost this customer and several others. Look elsewhere. Extremely unethical way of doing business.
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Wow. I've never felt so ripped off in my life. When you can actually get them to call you back that's something but I had a plumber show up to my house and tell me I had a slab leak (because I had a drop in hot water pressure) thus starting a series of phones calls with my insurance agency and 3 other plumbers. I had 2 other very nice plumbers come out and charge me nothing to evaluate and one of them said just flush the intake valve on your hot water heater. That should do it! And you know what? IT DID! This was something totally covered by AHS and SP didn't even look at it. Instead I got a 2 hour discussion on how this was going to cost me $10,000 to fix! I called to discuss with the owner and we spoke for 5 minutes before she cut me off and never called back. But of course they have my $75 service fee. Never again AHS.
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