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Kathy Adams Clark
I am a photographer, naturalist, and teacher.
I am a photographer, naturalist, and teacher.

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Tips for City Photography
Question from Reader:  I am headed to Boston and excited about putting some of my new photography skills to use, but wanted to get your thoughts.  What would be a good setting to stick with for basic daytime shooting (buildings, walking around the city) and...

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Vacation Photography Jitters
Here's an email exchange I had recently with a man who's taken my photography classes.  His words are in black and my replies are in blue.   Email from a student:   Kathy, as you know, I'm leaving in a month for a
vacation, which includes London, Rome and V...

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Endeavor Series by Cotton Carrier Harness
One of my favorite "walk around" lenses for nature photography is the Canon 100-400mm II.  The lens makes it easy to get the subject in the viewfinder and get a sharp photo.  Yet, it's a heavy lens.  I go to the gym and lift weights to keep in shape but sti...

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Packing for Galveston FeatherFest 2017
I am packing my bags and getting ready to head out to Galveston Featherfest 2017. If you've never attended FeatherFest, it is an amazing gathering of birders, bird photographers, and general nature lovers.  The festival is held every spring in Galveston, Te...

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NANPA Summit 2017
Jacksonville, Florida I’m leaving Jacksonville, Florida, after attending an
amazing week at the Summit of the North American Nature Photography
Association.   The biennial meeting of
nature photographers is so well known that it’s simply called the “NANPA

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Savage LED Light
Savage Luminous Pro LED Video Light is a new favorite.  You can use this continuous light to illuminate a subject while using video.  But you can also use this continuous light with still photos.  Use it to light a dog, cat, or baby that might be startled b...

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Canon M5 Mirrorless -- Low Light
I'm a real fan of the new Canon M5 mirrorless camera.  Read my previous posts here about the camera's feel and controls. Several people have asked how the camera performs under low light.  Low light means we have to move to a higher ISO to get a sufficient ...

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Canon M5 Mirrorless -- Raw Processing
I've processed RAW files from mirrorless cameras over the years and sometimes I've not been impressed.  The RAW files from these mirrorless haven't been as good as the files we get from a traditional digital SLR. I'm really impressed, though, with the RAW f...

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Canon M5 Mirrorless
I got my hands on Canon's new M5 mirrorless camera thanks to Gary Hunt of Hunt's Photo and Video .  Gary Hunt knew I wanted to try a mirrorless camera and he encouraged me to wait for the M5.  The camera hit stores in mid-December and mine arrived a couple ...

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Holiday Photography at Night
The folks in my Photography at Night class ventured into downtown Houston last night.  Our main objective was to photograph the Christmas lights at City Hall but we got crazy working on other things.  (That's usually what happens when a group of photographe...
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