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Barron Cuadro
Experimental entrepreneur, sartorially-conscious writer, designer.
Experimental entrepreneur, sartorially-conscious writer, designer.

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looking to keep yourself accountable with that element of surprise? send your future self an email.

Why is it when you add any add-ons to Firefox, you have to restart the browser, but Chrome just installs them and they magically work, no restarting necessary? Cmon, Firefox.

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hey friends, if you're in the SF area (or at a really awesome bookstore that carries lots of magazines), pick up the Sept. issue of 7x7 Magazine.

Our friend Daniel Burka is wearing Fifth&Brannan in his two-page spread, surrounded by some other really cool products.
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web friends / designers / dev peeps, riddle me this:

how important is white space on a website? and why? and how do you use it?

let's hear it.

There are a couple books on my To Buy list, but I can't decide if they'll be better read as physical books or on (iPhone app) Kindle.

Have you bought a digital book recently, and wished you bought a physical copy instead (or vice versa)?

Worst thing about free @spotify so far? When ads end, but the player doesn't autoplay the next track.

Then you're stuck in post-ad silence and the app doesn't allow you to advance to the next song, so you have to restart the program.

Anyone else experiencing this? Other thoughts re: Spotify so far?

asked this on Twitter earlier (, and am curious what you G+ folks think:

links open in new window (assuming it's an external link), good or bad? thoughts?

Anyone try out Huddle on G+'s iPhone app yet?
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