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The difference that makes the difference!

Presented by Greg Melvill-Smith – The Human Resource Practice’s authority on mindset change challenges, the Engaged Mindset keynote focuses on attitudes that drive performance.

When faced with change or challenges, an individual’s attitude is key. How employees feel – whether they choose to embrace or reject change – determines their behaviours, which in turn, affect results. What makes the difference is not what they know, but what they do with what they know.

At the end of the session, two or three volunteers will have the opportunity to take part in our popular board-break exercise. This metaphorical activity represents readiness to take action to reach a goal – to ‘break through’ to performance excellence.

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Line managers play an essential role in creating engaged employees – employees who give more than expected, connect more with others, are aligned to the purpose of the organisation and are more likely to stay with the organisation. 
But how do leaders achieve this? What skills do engaging leaders need?
Find out at our enlightening and entertaining Engaging Leaders breakfast seminar, delivered by Greg Melvill-Smith.
The cost is R500.00 per person (excl. VAT). To register or find out more, contact Susan on 011 453 0555 or
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