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Citizens Bank site appears to allow you to send money to other people.  
I was able to set up payments a few months ago, but am unable to edit them now.  So I sent them a message, explaining how the edit link failed to work, and that I was using Chromiun on Ubuntu 14.

They responded with advice on what to do to Internet Explorer on Windows.

I responded that Windows != Linux and Explorer != Chromium.

They suggested that I try Safari.

Safari, by the way, is not directly supported on Ubuntu.  You have to run it through Wine.  But I'm a geek (I am running Linux on my personal computer), so I tried that.  

It failed the same way.  

So I called the customer service number, as suggested by the message that recommended Ubuntu.  I get an automated system, select technical support, type in my identifying information and it says the call will be transferred.  And then hangs up on me.

I try again, in case I accidentally bumped the hang up button or something weird happened in their system.  They hang up on me at the same point.

I wonder what will happen if I go to a branch and tell the teller I want to change a payment that I created online.  At least then the cannot hang up on me.

#CitizensBank  #fail  
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App recommendation
I am looking for an app to use on an android phone.

I want to keep notes on an ongoing project, so what I need is the ability to write what I did and then insert a picture of what it looks like.

These are notes for myself, so I don't need to be able to make it look pretty or do fancy formatting.

What have other people found works well for slightly more than just text editing?
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I just got an email from an airline titled "U.S and Europe on sale now". I'm pretty sure they are talking about flights, but my first thought on reading it was, "Wow, the debt crisis must be getting really bad."
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The video linked in the commentary is what I find most amusing, but you need the background from the comic for the video to be amusing.
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