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Zlatan Ibrahimovic Faces a big Target at Manchester United
The Bayer   Leverkusen   midfielder   Hakan   Calhanoglu   hopes to   play at   Chelsea in   next season.   However ,   Calhanoglu   not   denied   there were several   offers from   clubs   in addition to   Chelsea. "I hope   could be the   players   Chels...

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Kane was determined to bring the Tottenham defeat Liverpool at Anfield
Chelsea   steadily   as   pemuncak   Premier League   standings   following   a 3-1   victory   over Arsenal at   Stamford Bridge , London ,  Saturday ( 4/2 / 2017 ).   The Blues   have now   repackaged the   59   points   in 24   games. Nearest   rivals   ...

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Prediksi Manchester City Vs Swansea City: Superior The Citizens
Manchester   City will   entertain   Swansea City   in   the 24th   week   matches   Premier League   at   Etihad   Stadium , Sunday   (5/ 2/ 2017 ).   The match was   later   predicted   to belong  to  the home team   because   armed with   '   slick   whe...

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Smalling: Manchester United Won't Underestimate Leicester City
Manchester United   will challenge   Leicester City   at the   King Power   on   the   weekend   Premier League   season   2016- 2017 , Sunday   (5/ 2/ 2017 ).   This   action   will be the   test   weight   for   both teams . Manchester United   went undef...

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Chelsea Target Sergio Aguero as substitute Diego Costa
Manchester City's   Manager ,   Pep   Guardiola   began   counting   his team   finish  in  opportunities   to question   the position of   Premier League   big four   2016- 2017.   PEP   Guardiola   argued   Manchester City   could have been   absent from ...

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This Is The Contents Of Jose Mourinho's Criticism Against Bayern Munich
Manchester City's   Manager ,   Pep   Guardiola , no   problem   seeing   the condition of  the  line   behind   his team   which contains   rows of   players   aged over   30 years.   Champions Manchester City   rate,   requires   a combination of   young ...

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Pep Guardiola: Yaya Toure As Amateur Players
The Manchester United   manager , Jose   Mourinho ,   quipped   the   asuhnya   stance   when sitting atop   the field   after receiving   a series of   negative results.   According to   the Manager,   they   did not appear   100   percent   in every   mat...

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Conte regardless of Critics Arsene Wenger over Chelsea Opener
The Chelsea   Manager , Antonio   Conte , responding to   criticism of   Arsene Wenger   relaxed   related   goals ,   Chelsea   Defender   Marcos   Alonso .   According to   Conte , it is   commonplace   to happen   in Soccer   United Kingdom . Chelsea's  ...

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Cech Admitted Arsenal Hard To Win The Premier League Championship Trophy
Chelsea   midfielder   Eden   Hazard,   professed   goals scored   against   Arsenal   in   the 24th week   matches   Premier League   2016- 2017 ,   Saturday ( 4/2 / 2017 ), became   one of the best   in his career . " I've   scored   a few   goals,   some...

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Pep Guardiola Not Sure Manchester City Premier League Champion
Jose   Mourinho   was disappointed   with the outcome   of the match   Manchester United   cons   Hull   City, at the   Old Trafford   Stadium , Wednesday ( 1/2 / 2017 )   or Thursday (2/ 2 / 2017 )   early morning   GMT .   Score   0 -0,   making   Mourinh...
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