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Is there a way to draw an ellipse? I couldn't seem to find one.

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Picking the mind of the giant, one question at a time. #Knuth #ComputerScience #Interview #TAOCP

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This looks really promising. I'm looking forward to pursuing this course with whatever time I have.

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As +Jeffrey Ullman once put it, "I don't care if my toaster sees me naked."
Mark Penn's smear campaign group within MIcrosoft is at it again. Pathetic pretty much nails it.  In case there was any question, Google really does target ads to your e-mail contents, but only while you're using GMail. If you think this means Google "reads" your e-mail, then you are stupid.

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The first of Aperiodical's weekly math-seminars. I say, anyone with a tune to Math should try this out.

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Companies never seems to wrap their head around the idea that we might be wise enough to choose our own passwords.
Our new password policy

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Grace Hopper - an absolutely brilliant gentlewoman.

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If I had this map handy at the time I did my school programming project, it would have saved me the trouble of drawing out (almost) the entire decision tree for the game in trying to figure out an optimal strategy. #xkcd

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This is a calculator and and I hate my laptop. :(

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The places you can get starting from nothing!
Recursive Search By Image

Last year, we released a feature called Search By Image, which lets you drag pictures into Image Search to view visually similar images. It’s search, but with an image as the query instead of text.

One of the pleasures of tool-building is watching others use your tools in ways you never imagined. And so we were delighted to discover the work of Berlin artist Sebastian Schmieg, who created videos out of a sequence of these searches. For instance, to create the video at (note: there’s a brief moment of nudity that might not be appropriate for kids or for viewing at work), Sebastian began with a simple transparent PNG. He searched with that image, and then took the first similar image and fed that back into Image Search. He repeated the process thousands of times, concatenating the results into a strangely compelling four minute video.

The end product is a lush romp through the world of images. It starts with emptiness, evolves into astronomy and flies through other domains -- cities, people, cars, chairs, and more. We can’t take any credit, since Sebastian doesn’t work at Google, but we thought his work was fascinating. 
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