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+USA Lawyer
Hi bro
We will try our best to help Palestinians and stop this bloodshed. 
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A young person who escapes home out of ignorance, and returns to the arms of his or her parents, will meet their kindness; this is #repentance. When we return to the house of God’s mercy, #God accepts us with open arms. We should appreciate this return which can be achieved for a believer during the month of #Ramadan.
Ayatollah Khamenei, 9/20/2009
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بسیار زیبا 
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Ayatollah Khamenei in the meeting with government officials: Let everyone know that I support and approve of the government. I do my best to help the government and I #trust its high-ranking officials.
I approve of the government and I ask them to take the #economy_of_resistance serious.
Govternment’s motto of #moderation is a good motto; be careful not to repel religious persons by this. It’s them who stand to defend in times of danger.
As for #nuclear issue, the other side is pressuring #Iran to be content with the least. In negotiations country’s #future needs should be considered.
We trust the nuclear negotiating team; they will not allow encroaching on the nation’s rights.
Ayatollah Khamenei, 7/7/2014
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البته از افعال معکوس استفاده کردند!!!
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Iranian #mothers inaugurated a new history before the eyes of the women in the world and proved that it is possible to be a woman, chaste, veiled and noble and at the same time be present within and at the heart of the society. It is possible to safeguard family values while conquering magnificent fronts of the political and social arenas. Iranian women coupled the utmost of their feminine emotions, affection and compassion with a spirit of #martyrdom and resistance against the invaders and conquered the most virile fields with their courage, devotion and sacrifice.
Ayatollah Khamenei, 03/06/2013
A mother bids farewell by #kissing her son as he departs for the 1980-88 imposed war.
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مادران ایرانی تاریخ جدیدی را پیش چشم زنان جهان گشودند و ثابت کردند که می‌توان زن بود، عفیف بود، محجبه و شریف بود و درعین حال، در متن و مرکز جامعه بود. می‌توان محافظ ارزشهای خانواده بود و در عرصه‌ی سیاسی و اجتماعی نیز فاتح سنگرهای بزرگ بود. زنان ایرانی، اوج احساس و لطف و رحمت زنانه را با روح جهاد و شهادت و مقاومت در برابر متجاوزین درآمیختند و مردانه‌ترین میدان‌ها را با شجاعت و اخلاص و فداکاری خود فتح کردند.
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Video of Ayatollah Khamenei after attempted assassination 
(EN Subtitle) 

#terrorism   #MEK  #Ayatollah_Khamenei
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Dana BK
+Saman Khaleghi I just deleted my comment. .yes 1981 I already forgot the date. I only read the English transcript
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Here I should say in parenthesis that some of the individuals, who have a position to speak and a tribune, are skeptical about the country’s scientific #progress ! We do not find it expedient; that is to say, this is indeed out of lack of information. Sometime one of the authorities of the country made a remark about the military issues, a remark which was not according to the facts; I suggested they take the officials on a “ #military tour” so that they visit the military environments, and observe the realities, the facts and increase their knowledge of the country’s military capabilities. Now as for the scientific issues too, it seems that unfortunately it is the same; we should take the officials of various sectors on a “ #scientific tour”.
Ayatollah Khamenei, 7/2/2014
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Dear +Richard Brice 
yes of course I agree with you:
1.The problem is the ummah does not speak with one voice regarding Palestine
And I m sure that  One day we Will see peace.

Good luck my friend
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The issue of #Gaza is not an issue of a piece of land; the issue of #Palestine is not simply a geographical issue; it is an issue of humankind; it is an issue of humanity.
Ayatollah Khamenei, 02/27/2010
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May Allah give all the Muslims of the world patience . And may we be given the best of the both worldsinshallah ameen
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All governments are responsible for #Palestine; either Muslims or non-Muslims. Any governments claiming to support humanity are responsible for Palestine. 
Ayatollah Khamenei, 27/2/2010
#GazaUnderAttack #غزة  
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بِســـــــــمِاللّهِالرَّحْمَنِالرَّحِيْمِ allahuakbar 3x ampunilah mereka yang tak berdosa,
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Ayatollah Khamenei in the meeting with government officials: the enemy has failed to face with #Iran in the real fields.
The arrogant front possesses nothing but two materialistic elements of military #threat and #sanctions.
They constantly say it's #US that prevents #Israel's military threats; The reason for preventing an attack on Iran is that it is #impossible.
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دوست عزیز impossible با " مقرون به صرفه نیست" فرق داره
متن انگلیسی اصلاح شود
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They have always tried to pretend that they are victimized; it is still the same! In American magazines like “Time” and “Newsweek”, that I sometimes refer to, if the most trivial incident occurs against a Zionist family, they highlight the photos, descriptions, the age and innocence of their children; but hundreds and thousands of cases of brutality against the Palestinian youth, Palestinian families, Palestinian children and Palestinian women occur in the Occupied Palestinian territories or Lebanon but they don’t pay the least attention to it. 
Ayatollah Khamenei, 12/31/1999~
#GazaUnderAttack #Gaza #Ramadan
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Oh yes of course, I'm talking about cursory treatment of the news. But the slanting of news is a far darker horizon to gaze thru.
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"This year, more than previous years, a good tradition was witnessed. It is good to pay attention to this issue which is the act of providing people with simple and unadorned Iftar meals in our mosques and on the streets; unlike many occasions of extravagant Iftar meals which I heard to be held…
It is so much better for those who want to offer Iftar meals to do this by cherishing the tradition which has become common to offer Iftar meals - with great generosity - to people and passers-by and those who like to benefit from these Iftar meals on the streets and in mosques."
Ayatollah Khamenei

At the sermons of the Eid Al-Fitr prayer last year, the leader of the Islamic Revolution praised the promotion of the decent tradition of offering simple iftar meals in the mosques and on the streets. For the same reason, website wants to ask the viewers to send their photos and videos of their “simple iftar meals” given out among their friends, neighbors or people of their cities to These photos and videos will be published on the website as well as the Instagram account #Ramadan #SimpleIftar
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سلام طاعات وعبادت شما قبول باشه انشاالله
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A U.S. warship in the Persian Gulf targeted a civilian jetliner with all of its approximately 300 passengers including 60 children aboard, blew it out and sunk it while all perished.
After controversy and protest sparked and the world became aware of Iran’s blamelessness in this incident, they made a minor apology and said we made a mistake, “we mistook the jetliner” and “we regret it”. Wow! You regret it?
Contrary to what should commonly be observed among the world powers-who do not really care for humanity and basic morals-you shot down a civilian jetliner-which should be respected and no one has the right to attack, with about 300 passengers abroad and then you say you regret it?! You made a mistake?! You did a damn thing to make a mistake!
What does that mean?! If the commander of the warship made a mistake, why did you not bring him to trial?! Why did you give him a medal of honor? Why did you, through various comments, continue your enmity toward the Iranian nation? What mistake?!
How come you never make mistakes in implementing wrongdoings against the independent nations? This is the global arrogance today! This is the US today and they don’t mind committing crimes.
#Ayatollah_Khamenei , 4 July 1991
#IR655  #NeverForget 
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I remember this event very well. I was living in Boston at the time, and had gone downtown to celebrate the 4th of July. It was about midday, and I was walking by the shops and restaurants near Fanueil Hall, when I saw the headline on the Boston Globe newspaper; it said that a U.S. warship had shot down (by mistake) an Iranian passenger jetliner in the Persian Gulf, and that some 300 civilians were dead. I looked around me at the people laughing and drinking; suddenly everything looked dark, and I felt their celebrating was obscene. Why weren't they mourning? Why didn't President Bush proclaim a national fast, as Abraham Lincoln did, and publicly apologize to the Iranian people? That 4th of July was turned for me into a day of shame and grief. The fact that, later, the commander of this ship was given a medal does, indeed, leave the impression that this was some sort of intentional provocation. Please know that some Americans remember this event with bitterness, and that not all of us support the crimes of our government.
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