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PayPal has given up on buyer protection
When PayPal started, it was clear that buyers were 100% protected no matter what happened, and I loved it. Unfortunately, some less scrupulous people started abusing that system to scam sellers out of their products. And so, PayPal attempted to stop screwin...

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A startup in the clouds
For all startups out there, I think that picking a decent platform that will do the job until money starts raining is a critical decision. Amazon is where it's at When I started, I had experience with AWS, they had a free tier, and Startup Weeke...

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The Best Programming Language
There IS a best programming language And we can find it by logic alone - what's the most useful code base in the world ? Unix kernel What's the best FPS game ever ? Quake The holy kernel is written in C. The holy quake is written in C. And the winner is C W...

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Data Model Request
If you want to request a Data Model, some information about your project will be required. Features Examples: "user profile management", "search for classifieds", "add a friend", "send a message to another user", ... Data Examples: "user information: name, ...

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What's a Data Model ?
A Data Model is a document that summarizes all the data your application is going to manage. The base elements are "items" (or Configuration Items, objects, ...), e.g.: I'm a farmer, and I want to manage my fields. My Data Model is: Fields (name,crop,status...

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Web Application Architecture
There are many ways to build web applications, from the old-style google prior to auto complete, to what we do here at Kanpeki. Here's an explanation of the different levels in the evolution and the benefits gained at each level. Level 1: PHP tags inside HT...

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If you need a CTO, clap your hands
A great many startups are looking for CTOs, and I've seen quite a few stuck for several months without progress because of that, so I thought I'd share a little something to help them. Why you really need a CTO Oftentimes, people ask me to be their CTO thin...

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Offering Moo only offers a few different options for business cards, and that's fine because most people don't want wooden, plastic or metal cards. A very good thing about Moo is that they offer you to get started with only 50 cards, which definitely helps ...

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Tweeting during Events : Is event promotion more important than attention ?
There is a definite trend (at least in the startup world) of events that push people to tweet about them. Startup Weekend is especially involved in that, spending several minutes every weekend to push people to tweet. Not only that, but there are "tweet scr...

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Transcend Communication
I hate cities. Today, cities exist because human beings need to meet face to face. They need to meet face to face because every other communication means is an ersatz. A worthy goal would be to uncover what is missing from the videoconference, and create a ...
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