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Cleaning and Restoration Services in Tyler
Cleaning and Restoration Services in Tyler


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5 tips to avoid bait and switch carpet cleaners

Unfortunately, a few months ago the Tyler Police Department got a rash of calls in regards to a carpet cleaner coming to peoples homes and basically not leaving. It goes like this: You see a sign $14.99 per room carpet cleaning call blah blah. After, the "cleaner" gets there and cleans your carpet, they then hit you with a $200.00 bill. Basically, they pad their bill for spot removal, spot testing, carpet protector, moving furniture etc. etc.

What happened in Tyler was that this individual would not leave peoples homes when they refused to pay the bill. And of course, he was typically dealing with women who were often home alone during the day. Scary!

Here are a few tips to avoid these guys:

1. This is one obvious but the price is too low. In Tyler Texas professional carpet cleaners pricing tends to be either by square foot or by room. For square foot prices be wary of anything below 18 cents a foot for residential carpet cleaning. For room prices you should expect at least $30.00 a room.

2. No minimum charge. In line with the pricing above, no professional carpet cleaner can come to your house and clean one room of carpet for $25.00. The drive time and setup a lone will take time plus chemicals, gas etc... well, you get the picture.

3. No website. No one in our business (or any other) will be around long enough to service your cleaning needs for more than a few months without a web presence.

4. Unprofessional yard signs or signs on posts. First of all, posting on telephone poles or indiscriminately on the sides of roads is against city ordinance. Real carpet cleaning companies would never, ever do this.

5. Call the BBB or check them out on Angie's List, Locals Love Us etc.

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4 tips to chose a professional oriental rug cleaner

1) Be very wary of carpet cleaning companies who say they can clean your rugs on site. Professional carpet cleaners typically use hot water extraction, hot water can bleed an oriental so if they do clean on site be sure they colorfast test the rug.

2) Do not let carpet cleaners clean oriental rugs if they do not have an rug cleaning facility. This is not to say your rug cannot be cleaned on site but if the cleaning company does not have a mini-plant and specializes in oriental rug cleaning, odds are they are not prepared to deal with the complexities of oriental rug care.

3) Assuming your professional rug cleaner has a rug cleaning facility, be sure they have specialized dusting equipment. Rugs can be washed over and over but if the dry particulate matter is not first removed it is very difficult for it to be removed during a pit wash.

4) Be sure their facilities have a drying chamber. Rugs are most often ruined by slow dry times than anything else. Even though a rug can be cleaned correctly, issues can pop up if just an extra day or two of dry time is introduced due to humidity or cold weather conditions.

Bonus tip: Even if a rug is cleaned at their facilities be sure all rugs are colorfast tested before washing!

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Water Extraction After A House Flood

Find out more information how +Andrews Carpet Cleaning can help you or your commercial business in time of a flood. Our professional Flood Water Extraction team is on call 24/7.

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Carpet Cleaning
Tyler Texas

For over 50 years providing East Texas with superior residential and commercial carpet cleaning services.

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Pet Urine Removal

Sometimes the family pet is your floors worse enemy. Let the professionals at +Andrews Carpet Cleaning answer the tough questions and give you more information on how to remove Pet Urine from your carpets.

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What cleaning method should you use for your furniture in your home or business ?  Find out today with Andrews Carpet Cleaning .

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The importance of fast action in a water damage clean up call is very important. We know the importance of fast action and if you've had a flood in your business or home call the professionals at Andrews Carpet Cleaning > 903-871-5266

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