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What is liberalization in India?
Economic liberalization in India. On August 15, 1947, when India became independent, its
economy was mixed. Five years of planning based on the model of Russia was
developed to develop India's economic structure. The government of that time
saw the dream of...
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Biography of Isaac Newton.
The great scientist Newton's full name was Sir Isaac Newton
Sir Isaac Newton. Newton was born on Christmas Day 25 December 1642 in
Lincolnshire, England, and his size was very small at birth. Newton was born 3
months after the death of his father Isaac Newt...
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What is Privatization in economics?
The word "privatization" first appeared in a
dictionary in the year 1983. Its definition can be given in two types i.e. a
narrow form and in a generous form. In a narrow sense it means control or
ownership from public to private. But in a liberal form, it i...
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What is repo rate,reverse repo rate and cash reserve ratio?
We continue to read all the news about the reduction or
increase of major interest rates during the review of the economic policies by
the Reserve Bank of India, but the desire to know about the words used in these
stories remains to the common man, It is a...
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What is Hunter Commission?
Ruler Ripon was assigned Governor-General of India in 1880.
Around then, he shaped a commission in 1882 about Indian training, which was
designated "Indian Education Commission". Sir William Hunter was an individual from this commission
and for the sake of ...
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How to Concentrate on Studies daily?
Today we will talk   on
a tremendous topic. Many people who are studying whether they are students or
are preparing for any composition, they often say that we do not feel like
studying or we do not If you can not concentrate well on studies, then to
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Know about World War I.
World War I
(BACKGROUND OF FIRST WORLD WAR). The First World War of 1914-18 was the result of
cross-cultural competition of imperialist nations. The most important reason
for World War I was the Secret Pact system. In Europe the practice of secret
treaty wa...
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Chandragupta Maurya history and biography.
Early life Chandragupta Maurya was born in Pataliputra in 340 BC, which
is situated in Bihar today. His background, though, is uncertain. Some claims
say that he was a descendant of Nand, his mother's name was Mura, while others
believed that he belonged to...
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What is Inflation in economics?
What is Inflation? Inflation is a situation where price levels increase and
currency value falls. That is, inflation is the stage when the amount of money
and credentials increase in comparison to the available quantity of goods and
as a result there is a c...
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What is money laundering?
Money Laundering is a process in which black money is made
legal. This money is obtained through a variety of crimes including drug
bargaining corruption fraud income tax evasion.In 1996, the International
Monetary Fund had estimated that 2 to 5% of the wor...
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