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Kaj Kandler
If the box is a known unknown, thinking outside the box is not so hard after all
If the box is a known unknown, thinking outside the box is not so hard after all

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Meetup at our Berlin office 

Bye, bye Uber. You worked once, then you choose to claim, both of my cell phone numbers are not valid and left me stranded to get home with heavy baggage.

You will have to work hard to gain back my trust. #uber   #stranded  

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The NewStore office in Berlin, very nicely captured.

Any ShareFile experts? How do I reply to a message twice?

Someone communicates with me via ShareFile. It all started with a file upload request and it continued with the usual E-Mail ping-pong. My latest "Reply" was only half the info I wanted to send. Now when I "Reply" again, I send myself a message, because I'm the last one in the chain. Any idea how to overcome this? I'm only the recipient of the "e-mails"

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Which do I choose for the Question "How do I use the uber App?" if I have neither iOS6 nor an Apple Watch?

Great customer service at the Samsonite store at Quincy Market, Boston. Came in with a three month old VizAir backpack with a broken zipper. Exchange on the spot, no questions asked. #samsonite 

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That is why I follow Anandtech for years. They invest into deep understanding of a technical aspect beyond specs and try to test in the real world. In the process they influence the industry for the benefit of all consumers.

Spoiler, the article applies new testing tech to Apple IPad PRO and Pixel-C WiFi performance.

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There is hope that it made the new buildship (gradle integration) work! I'll give it a try.
It's time to upgrade to #Eclipse Mars.2! Download here:  

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Should I short Starbucks and Pete's Coffee?

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Women in High Tech Software? I'm happy to work in a diverse environment at Black Duck.

if you'd like to share the team, feel free to contact me.

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