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Will Feral
Don't flame the Scrake.
Don't flame the Scrake.

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Second wave
"Shroom", "MMD", "Angelyn", "Dr._Zephyrus_â~¤_[ff", "Raccoon99"
Basically just a bunch of fucking around. Haven't fought in months. Went Firebug on accident at first, followed by medic to clean up and then Demo the rest of the time. The LAW missed me. It didn't, however, miss the Patriarch.

Starting Wave
"Drajiin", "Ellsie", "triplehumbucker", "skuppy", "Genesis"
Fucked around pretty heavily here. Husk cannon, wave 2 AA12, pipes, it was a random map. Kill 17 specimens with a single fire grenade. The Patriarch played more pipes than an church pianist. After we left, I noticed "Genesis" pulling my half eaten lunch out of a trash can. Yeesh.

Exhibition. Screwed around on BioticsLab and MountainPass in Solo to grab a few achievements (Dot of Doom, Italian Meat Pasta). Highlander didn't fire off when I did it. Weak.

Spectating a Beginner server with a bunch of berserkers. They're farming damage and healing for enough money to buy the big potato. Wonder if this will actually work.

"[Fec]_TheRichardTS", "The_Phoenix", "Driago", "Srellian", "Foxxy", "Zelon"

Hahahahaha. "[Fec]_The RichardTS" just totally trolled everyone by taking in enough money to buy it, and then just doing nothing.

West London
Spawn wave
"Deerow", "Niggles", "OnlineBread"
Guys are greener that grass. "Deerow" always asks for money, even continues asking after I switch perks to buy him an AK47 for his Commando.
Wiped in Wave 3. Pathetic, like we were all playing in separate servers. No teamwork at all.

Wave 2
"Magic_Missile!", "Giggity", "Apocalyptica", "Deerow"
Demolitions expert
"Deerow" keeps begging for money. Liquid complains about wleded doors while warrior berserking on fucking biotics lab. The rest were decent.

Starting Wave
Kind of a scattered, casual game holding the third floor. A lot of fucking around on my part (berserker with an aa12, etc). We all scatter and get killed in the bottom of the 9th, but Brisbane saves our asses with a few slick katana/HSG scrake kills. We have a similar miscommunication the next round and get wiped out in the 10th wave

West London
Wave 2
Not particularly fancy, but we seemed to get the job done pretty well with minor casualties.
I killed the pat with a LAW

Biotics Lab
Start Wave
Names withheld.
This is quite possibly...the worst team I've ever been on. Medics who don't heal, 3-4 different camping spots, all the usual scrake flaming, FP 9mm attacking, sharpshooter with a katana antics you'd expect from a team of idiots. Just flailing around for kill count. I have no idea how this team survives.
Somehow got to the Patriarch, where we took turns being beheaded. Pat wins.

Starting Wave
"OneBullet", "Giggity", Radditz", "Draegen", Pheener
A lot of slacking.
Wiped out in the 3rd (really?)
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