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Stephen Styffe
Technology enthusiast, I post frequently here on Google+.
Technology enthusiast, I post frequently here on Google+.

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Dear Pushbullet,

I just got the news about Pushbullet Pro.

Holding previously free features for ransom is 100% weak.

I know you guys want to make some money but you're going about it the wrong way and, to me, you're not worth the asking price.

Account deleted.
I'm out.

Best of luck,


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Fact: Consumers can't tell the difference between native content and actual content. 

Myth: Native content isn't misleading and doesn't erode consumer trust. 
Survey finds consumers usually can't tell what's a native ad from editorial content on major news sites.

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I'm not a drone fanatic, honest. But a proposed law in front of California Governor Jerry Brown is an overreaction to misunderstandings of how much drones can actually see. It'll make flying them more dangerous and not necessarily solve the real concerns that are being raised. This is my rundown on reasons why he should veto it, with some photos that educate about what drones really see. 

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+Android Central has a nice rundown on the Samsung announcements. I recommend you check it out. 

Considering that I just got the Note 4 about 8 months ago, I won't be upgrading anytime soon, but Samsung is definitely onto something with the Note 5 (despite the lack of a removeable battery or expandable storage) 

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I'm proud to not support OnePlus, and this is why

Not entirely unexpected, but still a bit surprising. +OnePlus just broke up with us over +David Ruddock's editorial.

No more review units, no invite giveaways that I promised you guys, and likely no further communication (though I hope they at least respond to technical questions).

I'm glad respecting editorial integrity and reception to criticism is high on their list of values. But remembering that part about respect at the end of title, I shouldn't be surprised.
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I agree with the conclusions drawn here. I'm tired of OnePlus getting away with free, sleazy marketing. It's why I'll never buy a OnePlus device. 

So to that end, I concur with what the author is saying. 

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The Internet of NO Things

+Roope Mokka's talk at 'Almedalen Week' is quite interesting. He makes the point that all ubiquitous technologies eventually cease to be perceived as technology at all. They instead fade into the background, becoming simply what is-- something we don't even think about. But they also circumscribe our future perceptions and actions, becoming the proverbial 'box' it is often difficult to think outside of.

With the digital and physical worlds blending as never before -- each directly affecting the other (Uber, AirBnb, Amazon, etc, etc.), Mokka suggests we make conscious decisions about where we're heading as a society, lest we create constraints that future generations might not even notice are there.

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Fun fact: Beats by Dre are made mostly of plastic... plus a few metal weights to give the illusion of quality.
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