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Benjamin Miller
They Call Me Moneybags.
They Call Me Moneybags.

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Today, the goal of retirement is more about achieving financial independence, than it is golfing, traveling, and doting over grandchildren.

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In times of economic instability, like Brexit and post-U.S. election 2016, many people put their trust in tangible assets.

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After a two year hiatus from container investing I am considering a return to Pacific Tycoon or perhaps a competitor that offers shipping container investments.

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Nowadays investors know that proper asset allocation adds value to a portfolio, and in choosing those assets, an investor's strategy often focuses on yield. #investingstrategy

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This is probably "a best case scenario" result for investors. The whole thing still troubles me. #lululemon

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Creating a "matrix" on a spreadsheet will illustrate investing goals, identify risk tolerance, and clearly define the desired outcome from investments.


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The question investors are asking is whether or not investments in global markets offer less exposure to risk than investing in North American markets. #investingstrategy   #emergingmarkets

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Although investing in shipping containers is among the leading alternative investments available to investors, it is NOT the only way investors can invest in global economic growth. Investors can also access prospering emerging markets through:
> Exchange Traded Funds
> Investing in green energy projects
> Short-term loans to businesses in developing nations.

#emergingmarkets   #investmentopportunities
Prospering Global Trade Offers an Attractive Investing Option
Investing in cargo containers is not the only opportunity to invest in global trade. In fact, there are many ways to invest in the world's economic growth.

#alternativeinvestments   #globaltrade   #investmentopportunities

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I wonder what influence this has had on the Canadian economy? #canadianeconomy   #useconomy
Demonstrating to the global investment community that the earlier robust jobs data was not a fluke, and that the U.S. economy is picking up speed, growth of 4 percent in the first half of 2014 easily beat the analysts' expectations of 3.1 percent.

#unitedstates   #economicgrowth   #investmentopportunities

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This article outlines the ways in which investors can earn a steady profit from alternative investments. #investingadvice
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