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Memories of Childhood -
Memories of Childhood -


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Paper Doll Studio Issues 112 - 114 (OPDAG)
I've not yet received the latest copy of Paper Doll Studio (issue #114), the quarterly magazine published by the Original Paper Doll Artists Guild, but I believe it is on its way to me in the post. This was my submission.  The theme is 'Celebrate the Holida...

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Sleeping Beauty - Little Golden Activity Book - #A33 /1959
I've not been a presence in Blogland very much for quite some time. But from the very start I had a wishlist of books and paper dolls I hoped I'd be able to acquire both for my own private collection and to share on this blog for others to enjoy. This book ...

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Music Music Music - OPDAG Issue #111
This is my contribution to the latest issue of 'Paper Doll Studio', the magazine issued quarterly by the Original Paper Doll Artists Guild.  The theme was 'Music Music Music'.   At first I was a bit stumped until I realised musicals would qualify.  'My Fair...

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Fashions 'Round the Word - OPDAG Issue #110
My submission for Paper Doll Studio Issue #110.  The theme was Fashions 'Round the World.

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Bright Eyes Paper Dolls
13 Photos - View album

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Bright Eyes Paper Dolls - Artcraft #4454
When I started this blog almost 4 years ago (how time flies!!!) my intention was to feature all the paper doll books and illustrators that had brought so much enjoyment to my childhood.  Lately I have not been a very good member of the blogging community! -...

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1960's Barbie Plays the Housewife - OPDAG Issue 109
My only forays into Blogland at the moment seem to be my OPDAG (Original Paper Doll Artist's Guild) submissions.  This is from the latest issue #109.  The theme was 'The Housewife.'  I chose Barbie from the 1960's to represent the perfect housewife with dre...

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Its Just a Matter of Time
Jesus Blasco - Alice in Wonderland Last week I read something I found very interesting in the 'Metro Herald' our fabulous free newspaper that keeps me sane during my daily commute. Dr Andrew Jackson, a scientist here at Trinity College (Dublin) is researchi...

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Bethany - Made for the Annual Paper Doll Convention 2014
I was asked to contribute a paper doll for the Raffle Room of the annual Paper Doll Convention - held this year in Richmond, Virginia (25-29 June). If you want to read more about the convention this post   2014 Paper Doll Convention  by Anne K Donze provide...
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