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Web Worker, Father, Husband, Explorer.

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Yesterday Congress voted to protect consumers from overreaching healthcare regulations that prevented healthcare providers from selling your personal data.

Oh wait, scratch that; replace "Healthcare" with "Internet Service".

Though you should still be pissed because as much as you use the internet, your personal health data is most likely in that treasure trove now being sold to the highest bidder (and not anonymously, it's tied directly to you).

In decrying government evils, the establishment Republicans continue to strengthen corporate evils. Bravo.

In all seriousness, learn how to use a VPN, and use nothing but a VPN from now on.
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America is broken politically.

We practice disrespect and contempt towards each other.
We practice assuming the worse of each other.
We practice shouting over each other.
We practice passing each other false information.
We practice taking disagreements personal.
We practice thinking we are right.
We practice impulsiveness.

And what's worse is that we have many politicians, opportunists, and much of the media abuse and inflame these acts.

A United States that is politically broken will begin breaking in all areas.
We need to make a conscious effort to change if we want a stronger United States.

We need to practice respecting each other.
We need to practice assuming the best of each other.
We need to practice listening to each other.
We need to practice catching falsehoods before we spread them.
We need to practice being impartial and calm.
We need to practice thinking we are most likely wrong.
We need to practice patience.

Because we become what we practice.
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Childbirth isn't some miracle where everything goes as planned by divine right. It's messy and often leads to complication if not death. Support is needed.
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Trump made the symbolic gesture of withdrawing from the TPP.

While I'm happy that both administrations have decided not to continue with the TPP, our opportunity to obtain influence in the south-east Asian markets, one of the most rapidly developing markets, is arguably narrowing; possibly along with our ability to maintain our economic position globally.

The TPP was an exceptionally effective agreement for the top earners of our country, and possibly even for Americans who would not find their career off-shored. But a great many who's numerous service-level jobs would undoubtedly be effected, similar to NAFTA et al. would suddenly find their entire careers become unemployable here at home with no safety net, no retraining, and with an extremely unlikely chance they'd ever see the benefits of the TPP be applied to their lives.

We must tackle these two major issues.

First we need to draft new trade agreements that enable us to get our foot into the SE Asian markets soon in order to stay competitive globally, while ensuring quality of life is increased for all Americans and not just the small portions of society that for the last 40 years have been riding a wave of jaw-dropping income inequality.

And Second we need to raise the quality of the American life for those under and unemployed which includes a solid safety net as well as strong investments in education and retraining, as these issues will only become worse for many through future trade agreements and increased automation.
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1 out of every 6 women in the United States have been victims of sexual abuse.

1 out of every 3 women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.

Though women's rights in the united States are some of the strongest in the developing world, it is far from solved. And as with many rights, movements to support them aren't only mobilized to obtain them, but also protect and strengthen them.

"You have to treat women like shit"

"When I come home and dinner's not ready, I go through the roof"

"It must be a pretty picture. You dropping to your knees."

"I moved on her like a bitch"

"Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything"

With an unprecedented abrasive attitude toward women it is unfortunate that our current president has used quite misogynistic language that, intended or not, emboldens the very attitudes that lead to our nation's sexual abuse problems.

This is but one of many legitimate non-partisan reasons women and men across our nation decided to march yesterday. It is unfortunate to see this politicized.

I was not able to march, but am thankful for those that were able to be there and support the women in my life and in these great United States.
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Excellent interactive outline to building a better ballot!
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