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Jim E (TecMunky)
CEH Designer | Atheist | Love Technology | Ride a Harley
CEH Designer | Atheist | Love Technology | Ride a Harley

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I'm sharing this not because I like the judgement (I do), but because of what the governor of Mississippi said regarding the law that was struck down, quote "the law simply provides religious accommodations ... ". The fact that the governor does not see the problem with that statement and the law he signed, shows he does not understand the principle of church/state separation. A governor of any state should not be this ignorant about one of our founding principles. 

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1. Makeup, definitely, do Halloween costumes count?
2. I don't pray and I don't praise or worship imaginary creatures.
3. Bars and restaurants get more of my money than con men with buckets.
4. I'm not much into music, but when I spend money on music is because I like it, so probably not gospel music.
5. Most of the books I read are fiction, including the bible.
6. It is absolutely none of your business how much money I have. - yes I know children without parents usually live in orphanages or foster homes - yes I also know where money comes from, and I would be surprised if you didn't know.
7. Not a question, but my heart is in my chest as it is for every human.

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I created meme (my first)

Free to share.

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OK, on the rooting thing.
What is the best method to root, considering that my objectives are:
- allow easy unrooting
- allow OTA updates
- use Android Studio (if possible)
And that I have already unlocked the bootloader (using Android Studio)

Nexus 6 build LZY28J
(Project Fi)

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