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Might I suggest an edit to the Download page? Not everyone uses Ubuntu and while I agree it'd be a pain to list all packages available for Notepadqq in the repositories of every distribution there is a cross-distribution package available for Notepadqq. The Nix package manager used by NixOS is cross-distribution and has even been ported to macOS, and in the Nix repositories is a Notepadqq package. It's presently fairly outdated (0.53.0 vs. 1.2.0, the latest) but I've started an issue (on their bugtracker trying to address this.

Does Notepadqq have IDE type features available namely:

* Autocompletion
* Build and running support
* Built-in debugger
* Embedded terminal
* Error-checking (or linting)

? From what I can tell from simply using it I don't think any of these features exist for it, except for build / running support. But I thought I should ask before reaching any conclusions about it. To be clear I am not demanding features, I am not expecting everyone to put these features into this grand program just to suit me, nor am I trying to put the developers of Notepadqq down. Merely asking if these features exist.
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