Its likely you have never heard of it. What is Google Keep?
Well, it is an unreleased product yet and we did some research to check what it is gonna be.

First, we found Google notes in the code of Google Drive which didn't include the name “Google Keep” but had icons with version number 6:
At that time, we didn’t know notes and Keep were related.

Later, we found out a new Google Account Service named “Portal” at
When you signed in to that, it added a new service in called “Google Keep”
It is removed now, including the Service which means a possible release is nearby.

Then we found out Google uploaded a new icon to their products icon folder called “keep”.
The icon looks very similar to the Google Presentations icon and to the other Google Drive icons.

So we were thinking, is Google Keep related to Google Drive?
we found out this this page:
gave a 404 http error whereas pages like this give a 503 http error:
So Google is working on Google Keep, and we now know for sure it is related to Google Drive.

We know Google sometimes tests new products on the domain, so we tried this:
you get the same result when you visit:
it has the same looking favicon as the icon uploaded to the Google products icon folder:

We took a look at the code of Google Drive, and found the data displayed below. So that’s all we know for now :)

It is very likely google keep wil get its own android app. Try this:
it redirects to:

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