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Its likely you have never heard of it. What is Google Keep?
Well, it is an unreleased product yet and we did some research to check what it is gonna be.

First, we found Google notes in the code of Google Drive which didn't include the name “Google Keep” but had icons with version number 6:
At that time, we didn’t know notes and Keep were related.

Later, we found out a new Google Account Service named “Portal” at
When you signed in to that, it added a new service in called “Google Keep”
It is removed now, including the Service which means a possible release is nearby.

Then we found out Google uploaded a new icon to their products icon folder called “keep”.
The icon looks very similar to the Google Presentations icon and to the other Google Drive icons.

So we were thinking, is Google Keep related to Google Drive?
we found out this this page:
gave a 404 http error whereas pages like this give a 503 http error:
So Google is working on Google Keep, and we now know for sure it is related to Google Drive.

We know Google sometimes tests new products on the domain, so we tried this:
you get the same result when you visit:
it has the same looking favicon as the icon uploaded to the Google products icon folder:

We took a look at the code of Google Drive, and found the data displayed below. So that’s all we know for now :)

It is very likely google keep wil get its own android app. Try this:
it redirects to:

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It may be some sort of Evernote / OneNote competitor.
Google Reader used to allow to keep such notes. This feature disappeared with GR v2, with no good place to migrate data.
And now Google Reader is getting deprecated. Do you really want to take a dependency on an experimental Google service which may be killed off in a few years?
Regarding trusting Google, +Julien Couvreur , I'm in the same camp these days, but when an app is hooked into Google Drive and associatively with Google Apps, both being paid products, I think they'll be less likely to yank it from under us. 
Nick A
Great find! One hand taketh (Reader, Notes, Sidewiki, etc. etc.) the other giveth (Keep).
+Sushubh Mittal It could be both a pocket type service, to keep important articles and websites, and a service to "keep" your notes.
Basically, this is exactly what "Note in Reader" used to do.
No comment on the product, but +1 for open-sourcing your deductive tactics in detail.
I hate to mention iOS, but maybe it will include features that Reminders has? That seems to be a major gap in the Android ecosystem.
Looking forward to this being released! Hopefully it will have some due/follow up date functionality as well for tasks.
Finally... Writing my grocery list in Google drive was getting cumbersome
Interesting.  If this does turn out to be an Evernote competitor, then it would be a lot more useful for me as a Google Docs/Drive user than Evernote.  However, I second +Julien Couvreur's concerns; there's quite the graveyard of Google services that have been abruptly discontinued as of late...
+Cleber Rech great screenshots! Looks like a def Evernote competitor.

Nice that they are adding ToDo's, hopefully you can attach a location as it's the only thing I'm missing from the current tasks included in Gmail. Would be nice to attach a location where that ToDo list would 'pop-up' or alert you at. For example, the grocery store or lists of tasks to do when you get home, etc.
Yes, I'm also having problems. It worked fine just after the announcement. The app on my phone appears to be ok.
Thanks! The app works for me now but not the web app. Looks like its loading something when you first open it, just add a note and the loading animation will go away.
ye my bad, forgot that 'drive' is name of their service -.-
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