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Angelique Mccoy
I can't resist making things with my own two hands.
I can't resist making things with my own two hands.

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So want to go!
Knit Ireland with Laura Nelkin October 2017!
Oct 1 - 10, 2017 Many of you know I visited Ireland with my family this summer.... it turned out to be a bit of a scouting trip and I've put together a knitting adventure for us to take together next fall! Ireland is gorgeous and full of opportunity! I can'...

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Wouldn't you know, I paid for this 2 months ago. Oh well, now we can all get it. It was really easy and fairly quick to knit. Now I'd like to make it to fit my queen bed in the bulky yarn. anyone have any ideas on how to calculate how much yarn I'll need of each color.

+Joy Wandrey I just got about 15 lbs of raw unwashed fleece for $25. I don't know what the breed of sheep is but it looks like it's going to come out really white once I get it washed. The girl I got it from said she got it from her cousin who said she usually just throws it on the burn pile whenever she sheers them in the spring.

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I have got to make one of these

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I am absolutely HORRIFIED by the prospect of Donald Trump having a shot at the presidency. I don't usually voice my political opinions on social media but WTF!

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Speaking from experience, if they can make Uber self driving cars work in Pittsburgh, they can work anywhere. Maybe the idea will take hold then Pittsburgh traffic won't seem like such a nightmare.

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I love the look of this.

Too much overtime finally caught up with me. Chest congestion that feels like my lungs are full of Jell-O, and sinus congestion that is making me feel like someone took a brick to my forehead. The worst part is, I'm too exhausted to have any fun with my meager extra stash.

Anyone out there who's made the Hue Shift Afghan? My husband saw it and really likes it, but he wants me to make it to fit our queen sized bed. Anybody got any suggestions?

Finally living in the new house! Still not completely moved but working on it.
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