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Jeff Guillet
Exchange MCSM & MVP, Author, and Blogger
Exchange MCSM & MVP, Author, and Blogger

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The Truth About Public Folder Synchronization with Azure Active Directory
AAD Connect version 1.1.524.0 now syncs mail-enabled Public Folders to Azure Active Directory. And there was much rejoicing. "Behold," said hybrid Exchange Server administrators around the world, "I no longer need to manually run the Public Folder synchroni...

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DO NOT Install .NET Framework 4.7 on Exchange Servers
Earlier this month the .NET Blog announced that the .NET Framework 4.7 has reached general availability. Do not install this update on your Exchange servers. Refer to the  Exchange Server Supportability Matrix  which provides a central source for Microsoft ...

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AAD Connect Version 1.1.486.0 Released
Well that was quick. This update comes only 6 days after Microsoft released version 1.1.484.0. It only includes the one fix below, but it's large enough to affect enough users to warrant a new release. This version fixed the issue where Azure AD Connect wil...

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How to Change the PowerShell Prompt as Default in Windows 10 Creators Update
You may notice that when you right-click the Windows start button or press Windows key-X to pull up the taskbar menu that the Command Prompt and Command Prompt (Admin) options have been replaced with Windows PowerShell and Windows PowerShell (Admin) options...

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AAD Connect Version 1.1.484.0 Released
Azure Active Directory Connect version 1.1.484.0 has been released, which includes several fixes and service account improvements. It also simplifies the port architecture required during the setup of Pass-Through Authentication. Proper directory synchroniz...

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New Article: Reply or Reply All - Controls, Options, and Best Practices
Since the dawn of email, organizations have struggled with the way that users reply to emails. Confusion (or worse) occurs when emails include groups, CC, BCC, internal, and external recipients. Choosing to use Reply All may release confidential information...

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How to Self-Elevate a PowerShell Script
Most of the scripts I write require elevation -- they must be run from an elevated PowerShell prompt because they make changes to Windows that require Administrator access. The following code snippet will self-elevate a PowerShell script with this added to ...

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How to Secure Your Data on
According to Microsoft,  is a Microsoft online platform where you can publish and discover Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Sway, and PDF documents, among others. With, you can create an online portfolio of your expertise, discover, downl...

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How to Uninstall Antispam Agents on Exchange Servers
Microsoft announced that they were deprecating support for the SmartScreen spam content filter for Exchange Server in September 2016. See the article,  Deprecating support for SmartScreen in Outlook and Exchange  for full details. All that is supposed to me...

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Office 365 Begins Force-Feeding Tenants with Groups
Beginning March 2017, Microsoft will begin creating Office 365 Groups for certain managers unless you opt out. According to the support article, " Manage automatic creation of direct reports group - Admin help ": "Managers who have 2-20 direct reports, do n...
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