Reliable reports are at last coming in about the new tomb excavated in the Valley of Kings by an expedition from the University of Basel working under the direction of Susanne Bickel, with Elina Paulin-Grothe and Tanja Alsheimer. The discovery of the tomb came in the 14th season of excavation for the University of Basel Kings' Valley Project, although they had earlier found what turned out to be its entrance. In early 2011 the team discovered what they called a "feature" near KV40. According to the field report for 2011, they originally thought this might be a foundation deposit or "just the beginning of an unfinished shaft". This feature, which they named KV 40b, was uncovered when they were installing a protective door on KV 40, but excavations on it could not get underway until this season.

The "feature" has turned out to be a re-used tomb, whose current inhabitant lived during the 22nd dynasty (ca 945 to 712 BCE). The daughter of a priest of Amun-Re - some reports say a high priest - she was buried with a wooden coffin and stela which give her name, occupation and parentage. Her name is being variously given in news reports as Nehmes-Bastet or Nekhmet-Bastet. (As interviews have translated it as indicating that she was under the protection of Bast, Nehemes-Bastet seems more likely). She was a singer of Amun, probably in Karnak temple.

In lectures and interviews, Dr. Elina Paulin-Grothe has stated that the tomb was original excavated about 4 centuries previous to its use by Nehemes-Bastet for an unknown person, as indicated by other artefacts from the tomb which do not belong to the burial of the Chantress. Although it is not official yet, the new tomb will likely be designated KV64.

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