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Mary Letellier
What doesn't kill you will make you stronger!
What doesn't kill you will make you stronger!

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Well My son started real school last week. Homeschool was fine for a year. But the type of kid he is he really needed to be around people. I hope he enjoys school again. I worry about the choices I make for my kids as do most parents. I hope I made the right choice he. He's a very smart and good kid. And I believe he can and will do better in a classroom then at home. Although I do have to say that I did love the homeschooling. It was nice having him home.

Well Isaac left a nasty trail behind him. For a Cat1 he sure did do some damage.

Ok So I started off my vacation with family today. Zoo tomorrow! I don't know what's next. But for 9 days I have off and I am hoping at least 2 of those days I can sleep till 10 am. HA HA HA that's a joke right. Well I will try anyway

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