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Miles Osborne

Long silver button to close to the other buttons. I'm finding my device really useful but I do have concerns over the long silver button which is used a lot. I'm not sure how long it will stand the test if time and also I find I can end up pressing it and another button. The other aspect that would be useful is to reprogram functions, for me the top and bottom arrows are rarely used and I'd find it useful if these could also be the action buttons

Drivemode Sharing drive feedback. I know I posted about this when it was in beta but interested in other views. I think the ability to share drives is great, however as long as it posts my speed I won't use it. But am I the only one with this view?

I also would like to see it as one of the options you get when you send a message to a contact


My trip history seems to have stopped working since the 17 March +Jeff Standard​ not sure if it is related to the new sharing version being the cause

Kkp additional enhancements
The action button (middle long button) doesn't do anything on the main display (clock, speed etc) can we have it pause or resume audio. At the moment to properly pause you have to go into the audio screen.
Also can the volume scroll on the main display act as a volume.

Export function with trip history. Would it be possible to have an export for the trip history. I am thinking an export in csv format of all the trip history to any app (so you could put it in drive email etc) be quite interesting to map usage patterns, journey times etc.

Kkp connection confirmation.
It would be useful if when the kkp device connects if there was an acknowledgement, even a small beep etc

On the navigation option can we have a return to navigation app. Sometimes I start waze before drivemode, but other than switching task, there doesn't seem to be an option in drivemode to change to a nav app if it was started first

Can we have an option to disable all tutorial messages and help messages. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and the messages keep popping up, as I use it in the car it effectively means I have to wait till I have got to my destination and then complete that particular tutorial before I can use the app

I am having an issue getting drive mode to respond to the Kkp.

Drive mode version: 5.1.19
Kkp controller enabled yes
Phone Sony Z3
Android Version 6.0.1

I turned on the Kkp, went into drivemode and it has allocated the Kkp in the controllers section and the blinking light on the Kkp stops.

However no controls on the Kkp do anything in drivemode. I then downloaded the click n play app and did a start reset on the KKP and that connected fine and can scroll correctly - however it won't work with drive mode.

Any ideas what I can try?


Would it be possible to have a way of forcing night mode on, would need to be from the slide menu to support the hands free but the night detection doesn't seem to always work and day mode is to bright.
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