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Not sure if you have sen this but this Bundle is pretty amazing. Lots of great content here.

I was thinking about independently published DnD based materials (adventures, settings, monster manuals, etc.), and I realized that I am not really aware of what rules Wizards of the Coast has when it comes to independent publishing.

Do they need to be published on the Drivethrough RPG Site? Are there some layout template rules? Limitations when it comes to what monsters to use? Are there different rules for printing than for .pdfs?

I am not personally looking into publishing myself even though I had an idea in mind for years to publish things of my setting (or at least making it available) but system neutral, so that anyone can take those ideas, cities, monsters and adjust to whatever system people are using. In this care, will there be a limitation of what monster, races, creatures can be used?

What about an episode of Game Master's Journey on this topic?
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