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Scottish referendum different than those in Quebec: Siddiqui | Toronto Star

Scottish nationalism is not the xenophobic ethnic nationalism that Pauline Marois offered under the charter of Quebec values.

5 Ways I’ve Changed to Travel More Responsibly.

I have spent long nights in buses, watching forests in the distance get engulfed by forest fires spread by the acidity of dry pine planted o

Mounties Allegedly Ignored Sexual Assault Of Own Officers

Female members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are coming out against the sexual harassment, assault, and bullying they say are rampant

Google Reader Rolls Out a New, Clean, Google Plus-Integrated Interface

Google Reader is following in the footsteps of Gmail, Docs, and Voice with a clean new interface, that's easier to use and contains integrat

NYC's Oldest Bialy Shop Saved by Two Muslims

Here's a delicious template for peace in the Middle East: Coney Island Bialys and Bagels — at 91, the oldest bialy shop in New York City —

Walking Through Doorways Makes You Forget Important Things

Many, if not all, of us have had the experience of walking into a room and forgetting exactly what it is we came in there to do. (Except in

Obama, Sarkozy Caught Bitching About Israeli PM

What do presidents do when no one else can hear them? The same thing the rest of us do: complain about other people! Like on Monday, when Pr

Student stress battering the Ivory Tower

Colleges and universities scrambling to address rising tide of depression, suicide.

How Sitting All Day Is Damaging Your Body and How You Can Counteract It

Do you sit in an office chair or on your couch for more than six hours a day? Then here are some disturbing facts: Your risk of heart diseas

Lululemon Run by Ayn Rand-Obsessed Ideologue

Do you ever get the feeling that yoga apparel/lifestyle store Lululemon is a little... creepy? Somewhere between that weird rape-murder in

The Top 8 trivia nights in Toronto

Trivia nights in Toronto help relieve that pent-up frustration that comes with yelling at non-responsive Jeopardy contestants. Finally, all

A few lite thoughts on rape and prostitution « I Blame The Patriarchy

Sex Worker: I'm a professional dominatrix. Sex work is not equal to rape. It isn't that sex workers don't get raped, but rape is

Israelis rally against gender segregation

Thousands protest near school where harassment of female student triggered dispute between Haredi Jews and secularists.

Twitter / Mindy Kaling: The whole airplane rule of ...

The whole airplane rule of "put your oxygen mask on first, then help the person next to you" is a great metaphor for life.

Undeterred by the Long, Slow Line Toward Democracy - COLORLINES

Those long, snaking lines were about more than a vote. The people most battered and excluded from the nation’s politics and economy are refu


Arrested Development : Home / Archive / Ask me anything / Submit /. (Source: jberry21, via hbpencils). × · randompokegirl reblogged this fro

25 Ways to Give (Without Breaking the Bank)

This post is from GRS staff writer Donna Freedman. Donna writes the Frugal Cool blog for MSN Money, and writes about frugality and intentio.

People who attempted suicide as youths trace their recovery

Three people who attempted suicide as youths tell their stories of emerging from the abyss and learning to embrace life.

The faces of Egypt's voters

Residents of Alexandria describe the feeling of taking part in historic election to choose the country's next president.

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