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Decentralised hyper-optimised secure network designed for AI.
Decentralised hyper-optimised secure network designed for AI.
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Surprise, surprise, as more unnecessary and edging-on-unlawful collecting of personal data is found. Apparently the GCHQ are also tapping into this system - and it's "legal because we're not collecting the data ourselves", which is technically true since the NSA is doing it.

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As security on the mainstream Internet becomes weaker and weaker, it is the duty of darknets to confirm their cryptographic status.
Encryption used in Darknet is closely protected, and not easily manipulated (see the complexity of part of an encryption function below). The particular encryption shown here can only be brute-force attacked, a lengthly process which can take thousands of years. It's mathematically unbreakable.

Note: some portions of the code may be exchanged to increase security.

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With the recent government fuss involving Edward Snowden, the recent whistle-blower about NSA monitoring, we have checked our systems and even if NSA monitored every single byte of communications between #Darknet  nodes , they would not be able to access any of the files sent.
This is due to the method used to transmit data, similar to a Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange, which essentially means the encryption cannot be broken by anyone listening in. In addition to the encryption for the connection, the files themselves have a optional password feature that when hosting must be specified to download the file.
Finally, there's a third option for the hoster to manually agree to every download. Of course the receiver IP is not transmitted, but if you have told a friend to download a file, you would not want a random person who overheard the password downloading as well, and you get given the option to stop it before it begins.
We're not going to release until we have our security double-checked.
Follow the +Darknet page for updates!

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#StopCISPA , if not today, then when?

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In the event of government monitoring, turn to a #Darknet !
+Darknet, supporting unlimited proxy networks, hyper-compression and support for every platform.

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Stay #Anonymous ! Anonymity is unfortunately key in a world with worries over freedom of speech.
Anonymous makes homeless man cry

So moving!  This, to me, shows the true humanity behind Anonymous.  They are more than rebellious hackers with a cause....  I cried and cried while watching this.  Does Anonymous give this world HOPE again?  I think so!

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Here we are folks; the latest #Darknet  tests.
Here you can see the test is performing at 1.525 megabytes per second. That's pretty fast, being that on the computers we tested this on, the maximum achieved over standard Internet and P2P software was 1 megabyte per second.

We've blanked out some personal and inner-workings data.
This is a genuine set of statistics, though - and the transfer is still not fully optimised!

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If all else fails, you should know what to do: participate in one of the fastest methods of encrypted communication available. Allowing a hyper-optimised, completely secure key exchange, and unlimited* layers of encryption and proxy networks,
#Darknet  is the network of choice!

No proxy knows more than "what am I receiving from" and "what am I forwarding to" and may connect to several servers and clients at a time. So only the node closest to you will actually be able to "see" you. The node after that is set up by that node. However, that's only one method of transmission - see the below example for how that works.

* We haven't actually coded any limits. The only limit is how long you want to throw things backwards and forwards between computers and servers. So it's not infinite, but with the right nodes, you might not even notice if you were going into the hundreds.

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Darknet tests have performed at over a megabyte per second, without full compression yet being implemented, and using a slower transportation protocol - on computers that broadband speed tests max out at ~800 kilobytes per second. That's a 25% performance increase beyond what Internet protocols offer.

The next milestone is 3 megabytes per second, client-to-client. We hope to produce some screenshots and accurate statistics for you soon.
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