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Rahul Singh
A Blogger, Writer(?), and wannabe rich guy. A cool guy bad at editing photos of himself. Hope is my superpower.
A Blogger, Writer(?), and wannabe rich guy. A cool guy bad at editing photos of himself. Hope is my superpower.

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10 Facts about me.

1. I was born on my birthday. (Someone said it, and it's so true).

2. I'm a blogger and an aspiring writer, and unlike Twitter (@RahulSingh_I), I share stuff here a writer/blogger could share.

3. Most of the stuff are unnecessary. I know.. writer.. blogger.. but Stupidly crazy dude above all.

4. To add to 3, in no way though this kid's crazy, he's lazy, he's mad, he's not actually stupid, and ain't bad.

5. I got a sense of humour, but mostly I can only entertain myself. I love my own jokes, nobody else does (just kidding).

6. I'm quite practical, at times rude, at times my communication skills aren't up to the mark, but again I'm not a bad dude. I'm helpful, but not someone who can go out of the way to help. Exceptions possible.

8. I like WWE, Cricket, and unusual stuff.

7. I like wasting people's time, and I did that to you too.

And if you're wondering.. why 8 came before 7, and where are 9 and 10... Well...

Q36.) The most underappreciated quality in any individual?

Q35.) Would you walk 10kms in a crowded Street wearing a sweater in a HOT afternoon?
Can you do it for $100k?

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Some trouble here...

Q34.) What will I've to do for you to unfollow me?

Q33.) Write about friendship in less than 10 words.

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It takes some time to read, but it's pretty good to read. Best wishes +Plain Jane​.

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Good to know that you're enjoying your time away from the “virtual world". It's good to take a break. Here's another thing though, I Know you don't feel bad about losing chess games to your daughter, but you better sharpen up your tricks and talents or you may be loosing even higher percentage of games pretty soon. Stay happy +Jesse Zahrt​! :)
And the blogging world will welcome you back, with open arms. Life is too important to ignore, though. Tell your daughter congratulations. It was a proud day when my son beat me.

Q33.) Do you lie? Elaborate.

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Check out this blog! A really cool space. 
Woof! Hello guys! Buff-buff here! My new #blog post is up. I share some tips on how #dogs can help reduce stress. Hope you like it. :-)
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