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Neuropathy is a common condition caused by damaged peripheral nerves existent with the Central Nervous System, especially affecting the elderly. Neuropathic pain treatment is often sought by those suffering with the painful condition or by those caring for a person distressed by the condition.

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Complications to health arise speedily with the elderly.  The latest statistic tells us that 200,000 people sixty-five and older are hospitalized on the average of each year.  The reasons are many and various, but the most common are: falls (due to balance issues and Osteoporosis), heart disease, diabetes complications, dehydration/malnutrition, post-op surgery care, and the diagnosis on a steep incline is Alzheimer’s Disease.

Before many of the admitted elderly hospital patients can be discharged, plans have to be made for homecare services.  Homecare service is a team of licensed, medical personnel that bring quality care to the home of the elderly patient.  The range of care involves nurses, nurse’s assistants, dieticians, and physical and occupational therapists.  Before homecare can take place, there are steps that need to be taken for preparation.
* The discharging physician must write an order for homecare.  If the physician believes that the patient cannot give themselves quality care, he/she will advise homecare.

* Finding a homecare service to fit the elderly’s care needs is of the utmost importance.  Questions to ask while looking for a homecare service are: Is the agency state licensed? Is every employee at the agency licensed by the state?  Will my loved one have the same employee every time administering care? Are the agency employees sensitive and caring?

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Parkinson’s disease is a widespread neuro-degenerative disorder as well as the most common disorder that affects movement.  PD is mostly portrayed as advancing loss of muscle control, which is indicated with a quaky head and extremities, sluggish mobility, and diminished balance.  Once PD progresses, incredible difficulty in talking, walking, and completing everyday tasks becomes a burden nearly unmanageable.

The progression and severity of PD differs from patient to patient.  Numerous patients live long, productive lives with minimal help.  However, those that suffer with severe PD grow into full disability rapidly and have a short life span due to complication of falling injuries or Pneumonia.  The causes linked to PD are the lack of dopamine (an organic chemical that helps control the brain and body) which causes the attack of motor systems.  Studies show that inflammation and stress can add to cell damage.  Genetic and environmental factor are also thought to be contributors of PD.

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Divine Providence Home Health Care is recognized national leader in quality care. Founded in 2005, Divine Providence is already 75 employees strong and growing in the greater Chicago area.
Here is a little bit about us, our accomplishments and why we do what we do, care for you.
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