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Day Z
This is Day Z. This is your story.
This is Day Z. This is your story.


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Just some awesome stuff done by you guys
DayZ Fan Art
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Does this look familiar to anyone?
"Stary Night" by redditor a_slow_old_man

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Some excellent in-game screenshots! Big thanks to redditor: Zyclunt
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DayZ is officially going stand-alone!

The project will follow the Minecraft development model; fast iterations with the community alpha available for a heavily discounted price.

Thank you everyone for making this a reality and stay tuned for more stand-alone news!

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1.7.2 is finally out! Get it while it's hot! For more information, check here

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If you couldn't make it to Rezzed to see Rocket's developer session, check out a video of the entire discussion at!

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DayZ 1.7.1 is out! No weapon on start, Line-of-sight zombies, new zombie sounds/animations and much more! Remember this is a test! Keep an open mind and sense of adventure!

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Build 1.6.0 released! Female characters, fixes, bandit transitions gone, and lootable skins. Enjoy!

We looked into the fps/lag issues, we have spotted the problem and are now working on a solution. We won't be long and thanks for reporting the issues guys!
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