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Jan Henkins
Linux geek, classical muso, sysadmin, open source advocate and technical manager.
Linux geek, classical muso, sysadmin, open source advocate and technical manager.

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Hello All,

I ask you to have a look at Mike Shaw's awareness drive in aid of raising the profile of homelessness across the world. He is trying to do this through the medium of photography, by funding a book with pictures he has taken over the past few years.

Apart from being a really talented artist, I think that his approach to both the issue as well as the people he photographed is quite special. Please have a look, and share it with your friends if you like. If you have the funds to help support his book, please do so if you can.

Thank you! ☺️
So here is the current situation.

We have managed to raise just under £1200 in a short while, that's stunning and I can't thank you all enough.

Once we reach £1500 that's enough to get the manuscript proof read, the book designed and ready for print, this will be done in stages with my approval on each step. This includes all copyright and legal aspects of releasing the book.

Once we reach £2500 that will be enough to do all the above and to run a print of around 150 to 200 books ready for sale. I can sell through the same company that set it all up, some books I can sell Direct should people wish them to be signed etc.

If we manage to reach the end target of £5000 then that will be enough to do a huge print run.

I know it may come across as a bit mad to raise money so we can raise money but the end result will be that we raise far more than the original £5000 for the small homeless charities and raise awareness at the same time. Also it will always be an ongoing project with the ability to keep printing book dependant on demand.

Once again thank you if you have donated, you are all the real stars in my eyes here.

If you can donate then please do by following the link. If you don't like the idea of using this page you can donate direct to me via PayPal and I'll add the donation in your name. Please PM me for details.

Once again thank you 😊

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So, what is happiness? Here is a different perspective:

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XKCD on messaging systems:

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GitHub just changed their terms of service, and it looks to be very caustic towards open source licensing. While I am not a lawyer, the analysis so far doesn't look good. Here is one, I am sure that others will do similar analytical pieces. Thankfully there are alternatives. 

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This rings very true:

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A rather nice article by Stack Overflow regarding the massive Dyn DNS outage a couple of months ago:

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Hmm, so is Google+ dead? Will it be another one of Google's discarded toys? Glyn Moody recently experienced something that suggests it is true. If so, it would be a pity. It has so much more to offer than Twitter, and is a lot easier to control than Facebook. Apart from Facebook and Twitter, what are the alternatives? 

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A lovely little guest ale at my local. 

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There's a new game in town: Trump Bingo! See if you can predict which foreign diplomat/states person(s) Trump is going to cheese off this week! 
"A follow-up statement from the Foreign Ministry on Saturday, noting that the ministry had filed a formal complaint with the United States government, was similar in tone. It urged “relevant parties in the U.S.” to “deal with the Taiwan issue in a prudent, proper manner.”"

Well at least the next few years won't be boring. American kids living in the Midwest and rustbelt areas that voted for Trump will get to learn words like "fallout shelter", and have drills in school with modern equivalents of "duck and cover" 50s propaganda videos, in addition to seeing their parents jobs continue to leave the country.
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