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Good news, everyone! I'm logging out and you won't have to, teeth gritted, painfully endure my dim bulb opinions, jerk face commentary or extremely ignorant questions any longer! At least until the next time some awful inhuman algorithm piloted by by a eye bulging computer janitor with a billion dollars forces my words in your eyes. Adios...
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Just started watching S3 and it really seems so far to do everything I want it to do for Matt Murdock. He is a shit who ruins all his friend's lives and only does the right thing after he's done the miserable thing, the crazy thing and the self destructive thing. He's really the ideal hero for Netflix.

Before you go rushing somewhere else, or trying to persuade everyone to, why not take a minute and think about what it is you actually want? I suspect a lot of people landed on G+ not because of any particular advantage it had (it was horrible in a lot of ways) but because it wasn't Facebook and wasn't Twitter and web forums and mailing lists take a lot of effort to scale up. But perhaps the scale isn't what you value anymore. Perhaps there's other things you want. Think that over and discuss it before you just go "oh, another social media platform that isn't Facebook or Twitter, good enough". It's not, Google+ never was, and now it never will be. Think about what purpose your account will serve; why its worth selling another piece of your mind to another advertising company or for use in another techie's idiot experiment in money extraction.

Maybe start a zine instead!

Family Dollar has a hardcover journal with newsprint wide ruled pages for $5. Great starter journal and very inexpensive...

Nearly finished with Luke Cage S2. I absolutely think the innovations of presentation in this series are the standout. If Netflix would only embrace an actual aesthetic for its properties instead of sticking with the very flat presentation established by Daredevil Season 1 (for which it is a good choice given the absurdities of the character), I think it could improve dramatically. Jessica Jones and the Defenders leaned slightly into a use of color, the Punisher leaned into a kinetic action style of gunplay slightly, and this season of Luke Cage embraces overlaps, inserts and music turns. Iron Fist could have been dramatically improved if it had looked anything like a wild and crazy supernatural kung fu world, if the camera had shown us anything like what the action was telling us it was.

As far as the plot, I just can't see the criticisms that so many people are levying on it. Cage is a conservative hero. He has a conservative point of view and conservative failings. The reason his turns don't look like what we expect or desire superhero characters to be is that they are more milquetoast. They snark and give us the one-liners but they aren't permitted to act like assholes. They have tortured backstories but they aren't permitted to resent them. Cage's resentment, entitlement and self-righteousness tangle with his sense of compassion, community and decency. We are more willing to see an antihero like the Punisher than a hero whose flaws actually pull him down hard. He might not make it. And that's what makes it dramatic.

The show also very much embraces the fear of someone being in the same room as a super-strong person; in Bushmaster but also in Cage. Just thinking about what that would be is terrifying, and the actors get it across very well.

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Thinking about the "heel turn" of Luke in the S2E3 that has everyone riled. I think it was well executed, frankly. Unlike the other Defenders, who wear either their hearts (Iron Fist) or their flaws (Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Punisher) on their sleeves, Luke Cage's interiority was only shallowly explored in the first season. He was a guy who things happened to. To the extent his internal life was expressed at all, it was in Cage's conservative-values outlook. The revelation of his father in this season is an absolutely incredible piece of jigsaw-puzzle solving, story-wise. "What fits what we have seen of this character?" And the answer is - a preacher. Perfect. Of course Cage's flaw is self-righteousness. We saw it in the first season but the opposition was always pushing hard enough that we could excuse it as self-expression in the face of danger. Hell, we see it in The Defenders, too. This is a guy who always feels morally superior to everyone around him - or makes himself feel that way. (A very common pathology in conservative values, though not exclusive to that environment.) After 4 other Netflix heroes worth of self-hatred (Jessica Jones), guilt (Daredevil, Punisher) or self-effacement (Iron Fist), it was a relief to find one that said "I'm right." But now maybe he's not right.

I understand people are agonizing over this as a "twist". They didn't want him to be this way. Well, yeah. I don't want him to be that way either. But one of the points of all the Netflix Marvel shows is that your identity isn't completely under your control. It's partly a product of your circumstances - fate (JJ, Iron Fist), God's plan (Daredevil), the system (Punisher). You can reassert yourself against it (JJ, Daredevil) or be swallowed by it (Punisher). I think it's handled in a good way, storytelling wise. And it definitely, definitely, isn't a twist. It's who he's been all along. We just haven't seen him in a circumstance like this before.

Anyway, here's a video which should be the launch video for a Los Angeles universe of Netflix Marvel heroes shows: She-Hulk, Echo and Moon Knight?

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+Jeff Scifert shipped me Tales from the Loop and it arrived in a pouring rainstorm, the box was soaked. But.........................he packaged it good so it was unharmed. Bless.

I didn't take any pictures so here's an appropriate $1 album for your own Tales from the Loop game:
Hypercube, by Glitch Black
Hypercube, by Glitch Black

Now about a third into the new Luke Cage. I think one thing people are really not talking about is that it is going a lot more experimental and stylized than most Netflix offerings. The montages are more layered, the street scenes have more layers, all in all it's a closer, more connected experience than before. I'm liking it.

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Next Overwatch event leaked: The (RIP) Vine Compilation Event

Voice Lines

Orisa: "Hi, Welcome To Chilis"
Junkrat: "FRE SHAVACA DO!!!"
Widow: "I hate boys...even if they're nice and all...but still."
Ana: "I'm about to say it. I don't care that you broke your elbow."
Genji: "I got diagnosed with cool guy now I take..adderall."
Pharah: "Hummus gives you all your daily nutrients. Like zero grams transfat and OH MY GOD cholesterol"
Roadhog: "Hi, my name is Chelsea, what's your favorite dinner food?"
Lucio: "Zack, stop, you're gonna get in trouble"
Winston: "I can't believe you've done this"

Pregame Conversations

D.Va (waves asparagus): "Look, it's the good kush"
Soldier 76: "How good can it be, Hana, it's the dollar store"

Mei: I love your accent, where are you from?
Doomfist: I'm Liberian
Mei: Oh, my bad. (whispers) I love your accent, where are you from?

Tracer: Hey I'm Lesbian
Symmetra: I thought you were British

In Game

Mei (ults)
Mei: That's Pure Michigan

Reinhardt smashing into wall sound replaced with "We'll Be Right Back" sound

Moira (blows huge vape cloud of healing)
Mercy: wowwww

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A unique piece of White Wolf gaming history, no longer available, Blood and Smoke, the "1.5th edition" of Vampire: the Requiem. Although much of this material would eventually end up in Vampire: the Requiem 2ed, this edition was only available as POD. This is the "standard weight hardbound" version, as you can see, it isn't glossy but it still looks good and is very practical and sturdy. It has normal wear from ordinary table play - and you will get great play from it! It includes all the rules needed to play (though you may benefit from the "blue cover" World of Darkness book for some optional rules) and for the first time in Vampire corebook history, a full campaign is included, the Strix Chronicles, about a mysterious occult force preying on the vampires in whichever city you create. The original price was $70 plus shipping.

I will trade it for:

* 3 Fantasy Flight Star Wars sourcebooks (not the Edge of the Empire or Age of Rebellion corebooks)
* A printed version of Promethean 2ed.
* A printed version of Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition or Mage 20th Anniversary Edition
* Another great trade offer that you post!

We each will pay our own shipping costs.

If nobody takes me up on these trade offers, I will post again with a cash price.
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