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Slappy Jack
Smoky, boozy, angst with a dollop of charm.
Smoky, boozy, angst with a dollop of charm.

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365 days
1,071.9 miles
One 5K PR of 23:23
Two Ragnar Relay Series Races, Three Medals, a Dozen new Friends.
Hottest Run: Jun 29th: 102F
Coldest Run: Dec 1st: 32F

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hey Google,

Your maps application went from fantastic to totally sucking.

Then I figured out that if I put the phone into Airplane Mode, it ignores the cell towers and works amazing again.

This is fine for runs, not so much for driving. Why don't you fix this?  GPS works great, so please don't tie your app to call towers that are owned by companies that are intentionally paying as little as possible to keep them working just enough to keep people from complaining and still paying their gougealicious contracts.

Or is this a marketing thing?  Did you actually let marketers hijack an otherwise sweet program for yet another buck?  If so...  SHAME ON YOU.


Dear Fucking Google.

I've been trying to email this to you, but your support site doesn't contain a simple-ass email address so I can send you the following email I sent everyone else I using to deal with this problem :
Hello, all.

About two weeks ago my android  phone stopped tracking GPS properly.

I would use Runkeeper for my tracking and it would STOP after about
4-5 minutes.

When I used Google maps to track my car as I drove, the icon no longer
moved smoothly along the map as I was driving.

I have contacted both Samsung Support and Runkeeper about this.  The
only word of advice I could get was to re install everything (wipe out
Runkeeper and Maps) and to factory reset my phone if that didn't work.

I think the problem is related to Google maps. Why?

I wound up resetting my phone and everything went back to working properly.

Then, this afternoon, while I was driving and tracking my position
with GPS, I noticed that I wasn't logged in to Google Maps.

The second I logged in my tracking was totally screwed.

The second I logged out my GPS tracking went back to normal.

Maybe sometimes you just need an email a guy can sit down and read.

suck it.


Hey Netflix, I wanted to rewatch an episode of House Of Cards tonight. Your service through my Samsung SmartTV kept refusing to download the episode. I'm watching the episode now: It was faster to go download it with bittorrent and transfer the file to my NAS drive and then watch it than wait for your service to work.

And no, no Netflix. Do not even come back with "Its your TV." YOU go work that shit out with Samsung. 
You let them blare "NETFLIX READY" All over the box.

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These are amazing.

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"The 1 percent work harder. The 1 percent are much bigger factors in all forms of our society."
- Sam Zell 

Sam Zell: You're an asshole.

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for reference.

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Best Poddcast title Ever:
"Shared Erection Experience"
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