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Hannes Pasqualini (papernoise)

Tracks and recordings  - 
Modular meets circuit bent toys: kvsu - the malosco sessions.

The album is not really new, but it's now finally available on Bandcamp, so it's worth an update.
Quick recap: “The Malosco Sessions” was recorded over the last years with a collection of modular synths, circuit bent toys, DIY noisemakers, synths and drum machines. If you want to know more about how we made it read here:

It's now finally available on Bandcamp, both as a digital download or vinyl/digital combo.

Since we’re based in Italy, shipping overseas can be a bit expensive, but we also have a couple of vinyls left over in the USA, which you can get for a very special price (as long as we have some left). Shipping will be provided by Frank from Tsyklon Labs, who we really thank for the kind support!

Vinyl price: **$13** ( + shipping)

Shipping prices for the USA:

Media Mail (slowest but cheapest)
1 album: $12.58
2 albums: $13.04
3-4 albums: $13.52

Priority Mail (fastest but more expensive
1 album: $17.80
2 albums: $22.35
3-4 albums: $26.60

Prices for Canada:

First Class Mail
1-2 albums: $15.50
3-4 albums: $24.50

Priority Mail
1 album: $31.75
2 albums: $34.30
3-4 albums: $36.85

If you want one please use this form here: and let us know which shipping solution you would like in the “optional comments” field.
kvsu is a bipolar formation, suspended between the apparent immobility of drone music and the polyrhythmic frenzy of drum machines. their music is like a hidden mould, in a bowl of strawberries. in the last years they explored the wide filed between experimental electronics, noise, baroque counterpoint, idm and somehow even pop music.
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Hannes Pasqualini (papernoise)

General discussion  - 
DIY Audio Electronics Event by LeafAudio & by

Sat. 13.8.2016 // 14h – Late
Panke, Berlin

- Workshops & hangout starting at 14h
- Live Acts starting at 22h
- Free soldering class all day
- Build your own Synths (Eurorack and Lof) or FX Pedal. 10 kits to choose from!
- Audiowerkstatt showing their Sequencer & Sync/Midi Tools & Q&A
- Modular Synth Test Station

More info:
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Hannes Pasqualini (papernoise)

General discussion  - 
To all you modular developers out there, check this out:

Microbe Modular is giving away some free Equation Composers to people who are willing to extend the current firmware. See link for more details.
via Microbe Modular where you'll find full details including how to enter for the giveaway. "Interested in extending (or replacing) the Equation Composer firmware? We're offering free Equation Composers to a few interested hackers. If you're interested, simply email us with some information ...
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Hannes Pasqualini (papernoise)

General discussion  - 
This needs a little preamble. Since several years now, we organize a small but fine festival dedicated to making art (film, photography and sound/music) with analogue media and devices. The festival was born as a showcase for artists working with amateur analogue film (Super8, 8mm, 16mm), but has always had a focus on photography and music as well.
This year, for the first time, we also have a call for entries for performance-oriented projects. See more details here:
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Hannes Pasqualini (papernoise)

General discussion  - 
That perfect sequencer that doesn't exist…

note: this was forked from the discussion on the Launchpad Pro Firmware and is mainly a reply to Karg's question about what I need from a sequencer.

I have been looking for a sequencer for my studio/live setup for some time, and so far I haven't been very lucky I must say. To sum up my main thoughts on what a sequencer should be able to do:

- I'd like it to be multi-track, even better if each track can also be polyphonic
- I'm ok with 16 steps, but things like "substeps" or "step subdivisions" would be cool.
- the tracks should be independent, and it should be possible to have different length and speed settings to create complex and intricate sequences.
- step probability and more "generative" functions would also be very appreciated
- more fancy play modes than just the usual forward, backwards, ping-pong and random
- It should have a way to store and recall sequences quickly and easily
- it should have MIDI and maybe CV (though that is a nice to have) and be able to sync to an external clock

Basically I need a Cirklon (people already told me that a hundred times), but the thing is, it's very expensive and very bulky. The new Pyramid by Squarp looks like a great candidate, but to be honest, I'd also go with something smaller and more portable, at expenses of the features.

So far I had a Fyrd MTRX-8, which was cool, but the interface was too cumbersome and you couldn't store sequences in 4-track mode.
I did try the Beatstep Pro, but it's way too bulky for the features it offers.
I don't need drum pads and I don't care if it is good for drum programming. That's something I have an Electribe for.
The original Digital Warrior" was actually pretty nice, small and pretty capable. I ended up selling it because it lacked a couple of crucial things for me: better interface, a display that can show all the values for one step at once and a better navigation (it needed quite a lot of button presses to get around). More memories to save sequences and a way to store *all the sequence data, without having to loose resolution on the velocity and loosing the probability. Finally It was a big issue not being able to sync the thing to another MIDI device and it was lacking a chord or polyphonic mode, which would have been handy sometimes.

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+Hannes Pasqualini​ I don't think selling them is a problem, the list of features and promised features is massive. 
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There's a new online shop for DIY projects run by a couple of friends of mine.
Thought you might want to know, it's always good to have one more option I guess.
And if I may add a little bit of shameless self promo, they also have a nice eurorack module (DIY kit), which I've made the panel for. It's called NTBA (Noise to Brain Adapter) and does all sorts of cool chiptuneish sounds.
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Some nice things...
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Hannes Pasqualini (papernoise)

Tracks and recordings  - 
It's been a while since I have last posted one of our live performances. This is from this year's Analogica, we played a selection of tracks taken from our album with some new ones. We were trenched in some wood structure somebody had built on the square, which made the live performance kind of complicated to handle, but very cool at the same time. Playing outside on the street like this is really cool. My setup here comprises a bunch of circuit-bent and handmade instruments including my bent Casio Sk-1, one of Tim Kaiser's electric kalimbas, a bent Pikachu by Kaseo, a CPU heatsink which I use as a percussion and play with a bow and more...

The visuals by akirasrebirth feature a modified Vectrex monitor, which makes some really cool images!!!

Hannes Pasqualini (papernoise)'s profile photo
unfortunately we only managed to record the first part of the performance, since the camera switched itself off after 30 minutes...

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Hannes Pasqualini (papernoise)

Projects showcase  - 
The final version of the Concertodrone's build docs is online! Also I've added the CAD files for the front panel and some info on the case design in general.
The Concertodrone is a bent Casio SK-1 I've built years ago, and the build docs are intended to give some insights on how I've made it... and hopefully help some people to build their own!

Please refer to this page for future updates.
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I don't think, but you can try and ask Shane Williams aka X1L3 about it. he's also on Facebook (just search Shane Williams)
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Hannes Pasqualini (papernoise)

Tracks and recordings  - 
Here comes another one of our livesets, this one was recorded live 3 weeks ago at the Heart of Noise Warm Up event in Innsbruck.

My setup was the following:
- Electric Kalimba (By Tim Kaiser) and found CPU heatsink, wich I use as percussions and play with a violin bow
- Circuit-bent Pikachu toy
- Korg Volca Keys
- Korg Electribe Sampler
- Boss RC-505 loop station
My Bandmate was using:
- handmade 555-timer-based oscillator banks
- big modular synth, main modules: Furthrrr Generator, Echophone, Phonogene, Maths, Wogglebug, Equation Composer
- voice, processed with various fx pedals

The visuals in the back were created live by akirasrebirth
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Hannes Pasqualini (papernoise)

General discussion  - 
Not really DIY, and also a bit self-promoty… but since many here are into modulars, I wanted to give you heads up on this!

If you’ve never heard about DivKid’s Month of Modular, well… you should have!

It’s a great, monthly online magazine about all things modular, created by one of the web’s most prolific and talented module-video makers (also really worth checking out here since so much can be learned from these videos)

This last issue also features an extensive interview with myself, where I talk about my panel designs and about Papernoise in general.

Check it out here (you’ll need Flash, for weird as this sounds):
Big rush leading up to Superbooth ... I keep saying Superbooth ... I'm excited, forgive me! Not so much news this month but there's new Modular Podcast videos, Future Music magazine content, a couple of new modules, plenty of my videos, and interview with Hannes from Papernoise and some new music from Tim Benjamin too.
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Hannes Pasqualini (papernoise)

General discussion  - 
If you're in Berlin or close by, this will probably interest you!
Leaf Audio makes some great workshops, been attending to one myself, and can totally recommend it.
Of course, for the sake of total disclosure, I also personally know Manuel and am collaborating with him, but rest assured, I wouldn't recommend him, if I didn't honestly believe in what I'm saying here! :)

Original press text:
Synth DIY workshop for beginners and experienced DIY-ers. We'll be back in Berlin at Panke in Berlin-Wedding.

You can build one of the following machines:
- NTBA Eurorack Kit (VCO, FM, Noise, S&H Tones, Trigger Generator, Clock Divider, Chiptune Generator)
- NTBA Synth (Squarewave magic + noise modes, gate/cv in)
- TR-808 Kick
- Drone Synth (4 Osc + Filter)

More info and registration via the website link. A registration and advance payment is necessary.
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Can you make a PDF after the course?
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Hannes Pasqualini (papernoise)

Tracks and recordings  - 
Apart from preparing for the official release of our vinyl album (I know it's been done for some time... but life has been really busy in the last year) we're also working on a series of videos for the tracks on the LP.
We've already got two online, the first one is
for track #1, made by Michele (the other half of kvsu) and the second one was made by a friend of ours Amedeo, and later glitched by our long-time collaborator akirasrebirth.


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