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Writer of cozy mysteries
Writer of cozy mysteries
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Confronting the Illegal Ivory Trade
Poaching elephants
for their ivory is illegal in Asian countries, but with the upsurge
in wealth in China the trade is flourishing. Catherine Sohon, in this
second book in the series, is in China to try to capture Nigel Lofty,
a major figure in the trade. H...

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Eat Right for Great Skin
Organized by the
season from spring to winter, Wendy Rowe, internationally known
make-up expert, gives tips on how to eat right to have healthy,
glowing skin. Each season features foods appropriate to the season, a
discussion of why they help to improve you...

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A Riveting Story Exposes Abuses in the Fashion Industry
Over two-hundred
people are killed in a terrible fire in a clothing factor in
Bangladesh. Cameron Alexander, General Council of the Presto
Corporation, is upset by the horror of the fire, but when he sees a
young girl lying on the ground with a pair of pant...

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A Dog Witnesses the Last Days of the Messiah
Barley lived with a
woodcarver and his wife. He dearly loved the old couple who had
rescued him as a pup, but he could also remember a young boy who
played with him before he was rescued. When Duv and Adah, his owners,
are murdered, Barley finds himself on ...

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A Family Struggles to Recover from Tragedy
Nine-year-old Abby
thinks her father, a preacher, has all the answers until tragedy
strikes. The family is on vacation enjoying the beach. Josh, her
four-year-old brother, is tired. Matt, her older brother, volunteers
to carry him, but John decides to carry...

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A Detective and a Forensic Investigator Held Together by a Secret
A copy editor is
found hanging above the assembly line in the processing room of the
Cleveland Herald, the cities largest newspaper. The death was meant
to look like a suicide, but Maggie Gardener, forensic investigator,
has her doubts, so does Jack Renner,...

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Time Travel Gone Wrong
Tom Barren lives in
the kind of world science fiction authors have been writing about for
years: flying cars, a focus on entertainment, food that doesn’t go
bad. It seems like paradise. The problem is he’s a screw-up. His
father is a genius, but Tom can’t s...

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Bourbon and the Potter Field Christ
Willie McFee grows
up in Twisted Tree, Kentucky. His family is relatively well off,
although the town is suffering the effects of having the bourbon
distillery, owned by the McFee family, shut down by Prohibition. Although Prohibition
is over, Barley, Willi...

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A Hard-Boiled Thriller Writer Finds God
Andrew Klavan is
best know for his hard-boiled, gripping crime fiction and the movies
made from it like True Crime and Don’t Say a Word .
However, there is another aspect to Klavan. Born a Jew in the wealthy
suburb of Great Neck, he was a constant seeker of...

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Conan Doyle, Houdini, and the Unmasking of a Medium
In the 1920s
following WWI and the influenza epidemic, many people were anxious to
communicate with dead relatives. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of
Sherlock Holmes, was one of these people. He lost his son in the war
and was convinced that he could commu...
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