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This is one of the most dissapointing things i have seen in a while. I use the app launcher EXCLUSIVELY for chrome apps. I HATE, HATE, HATE having to have a browser open for a simple app like Google Keep.

I dont know what you were smoking when you decided this but I do know a couple of things. One, it would get me kicked out of the military. Two, it must be strong. And Three, you need to share.

Gonna be stuck in SFO airport for a few hours tonight... Yay!

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I couldnt resist. I know I wont win. But it is so cool.

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So, I was designing two new computers for buddies here and decided to spec out one of my "Monster" Builds. I recently found out about some of the new stuff from +Corsair (Especially with CorsairLink) and am now jealous of the people that can do such wonderful things as build an ~$10,000 computer to show off.

My "Monster Build" was a pure +AMD system. I am planing on trying to do an +Intel / +NVIDIA design next. I am still torn between +GIGABYTE and +ASUS for certain things. Most of all, I really wish there were ways I could afford to build and test these designs of mine... but alas. Not on my budget. I will have to post the designs here soon.

Nothing like spending a day doing +U.S. Navy CBTs. 
It is always a joy remembering how little the Navy actually cares. I swear... hopscotch on I-495 would be about 1,000x more enjoyable. 

If only the NeL datacenter could get hit with an 8.5 earthquake and a EF6 tornado at the same time so that the Navy would have to learn to do real training rather then this soul sucking hell.

So... apparently +Cisco Routers support DDNS... I did not know this. I wish they were not out of my budget. I want to put a nice one at my house so that I can run, not just my family's network but maybe a business from home and even a side for recovering computers for people and businesses. Yes I know that means that I need VLANs and a good strong Gigabit switch... but I will just have to dream as that comes with a price tag I could never afford with my job.

So I dropped by +Oracle 's website for some administrative input on my +Java  installation... mainly why I cant change System level setting's in the control panel. Well... that was a waste. Everything I found was for programmers (I am a Net/Sys Engineer... not a Comp Sci major.) and there was nothing except offers for paid support even in the user forums. All I really want is to figure out how to understand the Reg Keys or how to do it from the control panel. (Yes, I tried running javacpl.exe as administrator and STILL could not touch the System settings for things like CAs...)
People wonder why I don't look at many Oracle products. It is probably because I cant even manage Java on my personal computer without all kinds of convoluted BS. If I can't cleanly manage a product on my PC how can I trust them in a business environment... /rant

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Check out my Ookla Speedtest result. What's your speed?

This was on a Stock Nexus 5 with Android 5.0.1

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Every time I come in here Data on +T-Mobile drops.
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