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Chuck Parker
an innovative digital media industry executive
an innovative digital media industry executive

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Revisiting AT&T vs. T-Mobile
I have had about 6 month to experience T-Mobile both here in LA, around major cities in the US and Canada and in London (see my blog for the the switch experience).  The entire time I have done this, I have had an AT&T phone with me (I know, silly), but whe...

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Getting up to speed on AI
For the last 8 months, I have been an avid reader / listener to just about every decent book, podcast and TED talk on the subject of artificial intelligence.  During discussions about AI, I often get the question, "What would you recommend I read to get up ...

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2 Weeks with Tesla's Traffic Aware Cruise Control
I have to admit - it was not easy getting used to letting the car slow down for me as I approached other cars on the LA freeways.  I think the mistake I made in the beginning was keeping the "relative distance" setting quite low (ranges from 1-10, 1 being c...

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It seems everywhere you look these days there is something about “the Cloud” in front of you.  Twitter, LinkedIn, the tech press, and seemingly every press release you read has the various players in the Media and Entertainment industry describing what they...

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Sports and Second Screen - The Winning Combination
1.     Introduction: the winning
combination! Sports are big for TV. To be convinced of this, just look at the
amount paid by BT to broadcast the football games of the European Champions league:
£900m ($1.5bn/€1.1bn). As BT won the football rights, BSKYB th...

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Q1 2014 Quarterly Second Screen Update: Impacting the 1st Screen
2 nd Screen has continued to
reveal evidence of progress in both monetization and engagement.   In addition to our focused research on
monetization in Q1, we have been completed a 30-page research report on
Sports on behalf of our society members to help th...

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Second Screen by the Numbers, Q1 2014 - more growth, more engagement, more monetization
2nd Screen Q1 2014 infographic 2nd Screen Viewing Experiences: 73% of TV Everywhere views are on a 2nd Screen.  ReelSeo.  Feb 6th 89% of video views on the BBC’s iPlayer are VOD vs. Live.   52% of video requ...
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